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Pink and Green Mama Crafts: Outdoor Art Camp Lesson Plans for Kids: Mom Would Never Let Me Do This At Home!


This lesson plan PDF download pack includes supply lists, step by step instructions and full color photos of all of the activities we did during our super fun, super messy "Mom Would Never Let Me Do This at Home!" Outdoor Kid's Neighborhood Art Camp several years ago. It was messy. It was exhausting. I did have to hire a teenage baby sitter from the neighborhood to help wrangle painted hands and feet but it was SO worth it. The kids had a blast and they still talk about it 9 years later (the little kids shown here are all giant teenagers now!)


You can spread these projects out for fun summer outdoor play dates or do them all in a row for a full afternoon of messy fun in a fun filled summer camp experience! 

You can do any of these activities one on one with a child or with a group of several children. All of these art activities have been tested in my own backyard and driveway during summer art camp I hosted at my own home. Note, you might use more drop cloths than I did, some of the paint never came off our driveway!  The parents and the kids loved it. You will need to ask them to wear clothes that can get messy (e.g. painted on) and maybe a pair of junky flip flops that can get messy as well. 


Messy Fun Activities Included: 
Giant Marble Painting
Fly Swatter Painting
Painting with Feet (I recommend fun music for this one)
Jackson Pollock Inspired Dribble and Drip Painting
Printmaking with Toys and Found Objects
"Spray" Painting Mural
Shaving Cream Marbling
Sharpie Tie Dye
Morris Louis Drip Paintings
Milky Fire Works! 
Cornstarch Driveway Paint
Water Bottle Tag! 


You can purchase this $8 PDF by Clicking HERE

Not Included but still fun, and the way I wish we had wrapped up camp would be with this super messy Shaving Cream fight. See my old post HERE.  


All of the activities are copyrighted by MaryLea Harris (Pink and Green Mama LLC) This ebook is only for personal or educational use, not for resale or profiteering. Play nice and be cool. Thank you! 


Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea 

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Pink and Green Mama Crafts: Ocean Fun Ebook Digital Download PDF


Who is ready for some Ocean Fun?! I know I am. My favorite place to recharge my heart and soul is the ocean. We used to visit the beaches along the east coast in Virginia when I was growing up and we continued the tradition with our own daughters visiting the Outer Banks in North Carolina every summer when they were little. Then, we moved across the country to Oregon and the beaches in the Pacific North West are awesome! We now head to the coast several times a year and camp by the ocean. Included in this ebook are the ocean and beach themed arts and crafts lessons I taught to my summer camp groups many years ago. 

There are 12 arts and crafts lessons inspired by the ocean in this 26-page PDF formatted lesson ebook. Click HERE to Purchase this $8 PDF


Included you will find full color templates, detailed step-by-step photo directions and instructions, full color photos of actual student made art work, and supply lists. This is a great way to supplement a unit of study in your classroom or homeschool curriculum. They're also really fun to take along on a beach vacation to keep your kiddos entertained while on holiday. 

This packet contains the following 12 Art and Craft activities and lessons: 
Ocean in a Bottle
Ocean in a Bag (sensory bag)
Bubble Wrap Ocean Printmaking
Painted Seashells (a family favorite!)
Sandpaper Starfish Art Project
Craft Foam Fishing Game (we've used this one for several thematic birthday parties!)
Model Magic Fish Sculpture Art Project
Gyotaku Fish Printmaking Art Lesson
Sand Drawing Art Activity (this one is fun to do at the beach!)
Faux Fish Fossil with Clay
Custom "Surfboard" Craft
Clothespin Mermaid Craft

These lessons are fun to complete with PreK and Kindergarten students with help or with 1st -4th graders who can work independently. 

These art and craft lessons are copyrighted by MaryLea Harris, (Pink and Green Mama LLC) They are intended for personal or classroom use, not for resale or reproduction. Be cool and play nice. Thank you! 

Click HERE to Purchase 

Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea

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Frida Kahlo Nicho Shadowbox Art Project Lesson Plan PDF

 Frida Kahlo is one of my favorite female artists. She is a perennial favorite of students and art teachers everywhere. Her bold work and distinctive style make her a fun artist to study with your students. She was a Mexican painter best known for her self portraits. 
Mexican culture and tradition are important in her work. 
With this art lesson you will create your own nicho to honor Frida Kahlo. 
This art lesson can be completed in a one hour class period. 

This art project is a perfect way to celebrate Women's History Month in March, Day of the Dead in October/November, or Frida's Birthday in July. 

This would also be a great art project for a Spanish class. 
Lesson plans include a supply list, step-by-step instructions, full color photos of actual student work, and photos of Nichos made in Mexico to show your students as an example. 


There are numerous beautifully illustrated children's books about Frida Kahlo that would be a great supplement to this lesson. 

This Downloadable, full color PDF is 7 pages.
Click HERE to Purchase for $3

Have fun! 

Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea

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Pink and Green Mama Crafts: Winter FUN Ebook!

 20 Fun-Filled Ways to Spend Your Winter Days!

This 65-page PDF filled with Winter Themed art and craft activities from MaryLea Harris' blog Pink and Green Mama for $5. Click HERE to PURCHASE

A perfect way to supplement a winter classroom theme - create, play, and explore with your kids! 

These activities are great for Girl Scout or Boy Scout Troops, Sunday School Classrooms, Home Schoolers, or Parties (home or class parties) 

Your Digital Download PDF will include Full color photos, supply lists, and step-by-step instructions.

Projects for Snow Flake Printmaking, Coffee Filter Snowflakes, games, recipes, how to create a Winter Sensory Table and more! My popular Paint Stick Snowman Craft project and how to make Rainbow Snow. Felt igloo and winter playscape mat sewing tutorials are all inside!
You can do several lessons at once, like an art camp experiences; but I recommend spreading them out over a period of several days/weeks so it doesn't feel like an arts and crafts marathon.  

Many of the supplies for these projects will come from your own art and craft supply stash, and some will even come from your kitchen pantry or recycling bin! 

The PDF ebook can be printed out (if you do I recommend using card stock paper and assembling it in a binder if you do) but… it is a lot of pages so you might want read it directly from your own home or classroom computer screen. I do not recommend trying to read it on your cell phone unless you have better vision than me!

Packed with supply lists for each project, directions, photos of each completed project, photos of actual student artwork ; this 65-page are lesson ebook is best suited for elementary aged children (age 5-12) but can also be used with preschoolers (ages 3-4) with adult assistance - modifications are suggested for some lessons. 

These craft plans are copyrighted by MaryLea Harris (Pink and Green Mama, LLC). They are intended for personal or classroom use, not for re-sale or reproduction. Be cool and play nice. 

Have fun! 

Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea

Dowload Available for $5 


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