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Hello! Welcome to Pink and Green Mama Blog, your best resource for children's crafts and activities. I'm MaryLea, I was an Elementary Art Teacher for 5 years in the public school system before staying home to raise my two daughters with a heart full of art. Now I share tons of art, craft, and play ideas with parents, teachers, and children. 

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In addition to writing here at Pink and Green Mama, I taught some private art lessons and summer camps. I wanted to share my own tried and true art lessons, crafts, and seasonal activities with you so I have written several e-books and lesson plan packs for you to use to teach your own camps, art classes, or other activities. They are great for home-schoolers or as materials for Scouts, Sunday school classes, or Birthday Parties! Just click on my orange  E-BOOKs tab at the top of the blog and you can purchase and instantly download any of my books for your personal use. I am now working as a full-time artist in the PNW, you can find my current work at and follow me on Instagram @maryleaharrisart.

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