Answers to Questions I get ALL the time (FAQ):
Can I PIN your posts or photos on Pinterest? 

Yes, you CAN Pin It! Please feel free to pin my posts. Please click on the post title and pin from the post page not my home page so others can find what you have shared.

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Do you accept Guest Content or Guest written posts?

No. All of my content is my own. If you email me with a generic request to share your article, or write material for me I will ignore it and mark you as spam in my junk mail folder. 

Why the name Pink and Green?
My college colors were Pink and Green (Sweet Briar College.) 
I'm raising two little girls (pink) and we use a lot of recycled (green) materials in our art projects! 

Our awesome spotty rug in the playroom
Where did you get your playroom rug?
It's a pattern by the Olsen Twins' home collection rug line (yes, those Olsen Twins MaryKate and Ashley) I bought it online in 2006 and haven't been able to find one lately that I can give you a good link to. 

Where did you get your art studio rug?
It's the "Gypsy Rose" Pattern from Sundance (got it for my birthday in 2008) It's crazy and I love it! Here's a link ! The other (spotty) rug that can be seen in some of our recent art studio posts came from Target online. 

Our art studio a.k.a Mommy's Playroom

What's your art studio like? Where do you craft?
I did a little guest post over at Craftaholics Anonymous with a tour of my awesome art studio - Mommy's Playroom (also known as what is supposed to be our formal living room). BTW, our "formal dining room" is the playroom!

How do you have time to craft?
The girls and I usually do something creative each day but it's not always planned out, it's usually spontaneous and I frequently neglect housework and chores in favor of playing with the girls and crafting! Life is short and so is childhood. I'd rather my girls have childhood memories of me playing with them than of me cleaning hardwood floors!

Rainbow Rice!
How do you make Rainbow Rice?
This post about our Rainbow Rice sensory box has the "recipe" I use! 

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