Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Pink and Green Mama Crafts: Spring and Summer Camp Lesson Plans - Backyard Fun at Home for Kids

13 Fun-Filled Ways to Spend Your Backyard Spring and Summer Days! 

I've led small groups of 3-4 year olds through these lessons with help from their parents, as well as groups of 5-9 year olds that especially enjoyed these activities in a small camp at my home during spring and summer breaks. 

You can teach several lessons at once, like a real camp experience, or spread it out to one a day to last over several days or weeks. I like to spread them out to make it not feel like an arts and crafts marathon! Whatever works best for your schedule and availability! Have fun with it and don't stress out. If the weather is nice, do it outside!

This 24-page PDF filled with 13 Summer and Spring Themed Backyard art and craft activities from MaryLea Harris' blog Pink and Green Mama. Download available for $8

A perfect way to supplement a spring gardening classroom theme - create, play, and explore with your kids! 

These activities are great for Girl Scout or Boy Scout Troops, Sunday School Classrooms, Home Schoolers, or Parties (home or class parties) 

Your Digital Download PDF will include Full color photos, supply lists, and step-by-step instructions.

Lessons Included: 
Yard Flags
Backyard Gazing Balls
Bird Feeder
Mini Fairy and Gnome Homes
Fairy Garden Laundry Line
Wooden Fairy Friends
Mini Fairy Garden
Marshmallow Shooters
Seashell Mobile
Mosaic Brick
DIY Concrete Stepping Stones
Plant/Garden Markers
Fresh Flower Vase


Many of the supplies for these projects will come from your own art and craft supply stash, and some will even come from your kitchen pantry or recycling bin! 

The PDF ebook can be printed out (if you do I recommend using card stock paper and assembling it in a binder if you do) but… it does use a lot of pages and ink so you might want read it directly from your own home or classroom computer screen. I do not recommend trying to read it on your cell phone unless you have better vision than me!

Packed with supply lists for each project, directions, photos of each completed project, photos of actual student artwork; this 24-page are lesson ebook is best suited for elementary aged children (age 5-12) but can also be used with preschoolers (ages 3-4) with adult assistance - modifications are suggested for some lessons. 

These craft plans are copyrighted by MaryLea Harris (Pink and Green Mama, LLC). They are intended for personal or classroom use, not for re-sale or reproduction. Be cool and play nice. 

Have fun! 

Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea

Dowload Available for $8


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