Friday, July 11, 2014

Invitation to Create: Oil Pastel with Black Paint Resist

On of our biggest summer inspirations from Rachelle Doorley's Tinkerlab book were her "Invitations" to Create. 
I love the way she sets up a table for her kids with inviting art materials to encourage them to sit down and create, explore, and tinker. I've set one of my summer goals on this concept, to set up a table in the art studio several times a week this summer presenting the girls with a new art medium to explore. It may be something they've worked with before, it may be something brand new. Some set ups will be quite simple, others may have a bit more to them. I plan to sit down with the girls and enjoy making and creating alongside them. 
It's good for our souls and is a fun way to bond with them now that they are a bit older and can sit longer and explore more complex art materials. 

This particular set up was actually at a local art gallery, Lumin Art Studios in Tumalo.
The girls and I exhibited two collaborative paintings in a Mother and Child art exhibition that launched on Mother's Day weekend. They set up a table for children visiting the exhibit to make their own piece of art. 
This particular "Invitation to Create" featured squares of watercolor paper with oil pastels
 and a jar of watered down black acrylic craft paint. 

They even set up this great drying line to hang up wet artwork - 
we need to do this in our own art studio!

The girls loved exploring with Oil Pastel Resist and made some lovely little pieces of impromptu artwork. 
They liked it so much, they've asked me to set up the experience again this summer in our own art studio. 
I'll be sharing our "Invitations to Create" via Instagram all summer long with the hashtags:
#creativitymatters and #invitationtocreate,  or with Rachelle's tag #creativetable
feel free to share your own experiences with us too! 
You can find me here:

Wishing you a Very Creative Summer!

Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea

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