Thursday, July 17, 2014

Color Mixing Fun in the Bathtub!

One of our favorite bath time activities is mixing colors and "potions" with colored water.
It's an oldie but goodie that has been going strong in our household for the past 11 years!

We use the Crayola brand Color Bath Dropz to make bottles of Red, Blue, and Yellow water. 
My girls enjoy mixing custom colors with eye droppers and pipettes 
in empty ice cube trays, re-cycled bottles, cups, and soap dispensers.

It is a fun way to explore color theory and keeps them happy and entertained in the tub!
At the end of bath, we pour everything out and 
I do a quick wipe down of the tub with a wet washcloth to prevent any staining of the grout. 
My girls have very sensitive skin and these color tablets don't seem to irritate them.

We got this KidCo Bath Toy organizer years ago and it is a fantastic way 
to dry tub toys and makes a fun work surface for our color mixing projects as well!
Happy Color Mixing!

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