Monday, June 2, 2014

Simple Fairy Garden for Kids

For those of you who have been reading my blog for many years, you know we love to make fairy gardens. The girls have made various gardens indoors and out over the years. 
Some have been temporary, some have lasted for a summer, some have spanned a few years. There is something so magical about creating a tiny world or miniature garden to explore. We left our big fairy garden behind in our Virginia backyard when we moved to Oregon this fall, I'm hoping the new owners will love it as much as my girls did, it was time for us to make a new fairy garden here as we make new memories and put down roots in our new home. 

The girls wanted to start some new fairy gardens this April but I knew we would be moving again at the end of May, so I wanted them to be transportable. I saw this self-watering planter at our local Walmart in the garden center and thought it would be perfect for this year's Fairy Garden. You may have seen it show up on Instagram over Easter weekend when we made this years' fairy gardens. 

We made two gardens that weekend, one small Wizard of Oz-themed china and tea garden in the small blue tub and a bigger, more "traditional" fairy garden in the cream, rectangular, self-watering planter from Walmart. 

We mixed up sphagnum moss, perlite, and potting mix so it would have good drainage then we planted some small flowers we found at the local garden center that can tolerate our goofy weather here. We supplemented the flower plantings with a sheet of dry moss  and some dried (bright green) reindeer moss from the craft store. Fish gravel is perfect for adding rocky pathways and adds interest to the garden layers.

The cute metal fence was a gift from their Aunt in Ohio. The other tiny garden accessories, furniture, and birdbath were a gift from their Virginia grandparents. The small blue and white porcelain pieces were candlesticks picked up at Goodwill for .50 along with the little blue and white dish under the pergola.

The wire pergola and chandelier were a gift from my dad, I think you could make your own with some patience and crafting wire. 

A small unpainted, wooden bird house on a dowel rod from the craft store is a perfect touch. 

My 7 year old daughter "C" has been diligently watering our little garden daily. 

Happy garden making!
Do you make tiny gardens with your own children? 

Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea

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