Monday, June 16, 2014

NEW Art Studio Tour!

Warning: Today's post is going to have a LOT of photos and I hope I don't crash your computer, tablet, or phone!

My family has moved not once but twice in the past seven months. 
First, we moved cross-country from Northern Virginia to Central Oregon at the end of October. 
Then, we moved across town to our forever home, built by my husband 
(and next door to my own parents!) last month in May. 
Now, we are putting down roots and settling in for the long haul. 
It feels good to know we will be here for a good, long while. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Dad-Friendly Craft: Make Garden Stepping Stones with Kids!

Before we start today's post, let me clarify that just because it says "Dad-Friendly" on the title of this project, it doesn't mean that moms, grandparents, neighbors, babysitters, and teachers can't do this craft with kids either!

I just called it "Dad-Friendly" because this was a project my husband enjoyed making with our daughters years ago and they still talk about it to this day. In fact, I think we need to make a new batch of stepping stones for our house here in Oregon. 

I first published this project on my blog back in August of 2009.

Geoff and the girls spent a few days that summer having a "daddy camp" at home.
He set up fun crafts and activities for them to do together. They had a blast making memories to last a lifetime. It was great for mama too, to get a break from full-time summer vacation parenting and fit in with our budget-friendly stay-cation schedule. I wanted to share it with you again today in case it's something you missed and you'd like to make some with your own favorite kids! 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Simple Fairy Garden for Kids

For those of you who have been reading my blog for many years, you know we love to make fairy gardens. The girls have made various gardens indoors and out over the years. 
Some have been temporary, some have lasted for a summer, some have spanned a few years. There is something so magical about creating a tiny world or miniature garden to explore. We left our big fairy garden behind in our Virginia backyard when we moved to Oregon this fall, I'm hoping the new owners will love it as much as my girls did, it was time for us to make a new fairy garden here as we make new memories and put down roots in our new home. 

The girls wanted to start some new fairy gardens this April but I knew we would be moving again at the end of May, so I wanted them to be transportable. I saw this self-watering planter at our local Walmart in the garden center and thought it would be perfect for this year's Fairy Garden. You may have seen it show up on Instagram over Easter weekend when we made this years' fairy gardens. 

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