Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tween Craft: Paper Squid Origami Party Invitations

My resident, 11 year old "tween" daughter, "E" loves squids and ocean life. 
She hopes to study Marine Biology someday. She is also an artist and loves Origami. 
One of her favorite, go-to websites for Origami is Origami Club

Last year, for her 10th birthday, "E" hosted a crafty sleepover for her three best friends - the girls had a blast staying up making art and crafts and snacking on junk food in their PJs. (I want to host a grown-up crafty slumber party of my own!) She loves to personalize everything and wanted squid themed party invitations. 

Here is how she made the Origami Squid Invitations. 

"E" started by folding origami squids with in each girl's favorite color of paper. 
She added googly eye stickers and drew each little smile with a red sharpie.
We purchased these "Googly Eye" stickers from Discount School Supply years ago and still use them all the time, they are a favorite craft and practical joke supply in our household! 
She made the water by carefully cutting waxed paper into rectangles and cutting scalloped waves along the top edge. I helped her fasten the waxed paper to each card using vellum tape 
from my Creative Memories scrapbooking days. 

She made the bubbles with a circle scrapbooking hole punch and blue paint samples.
The green seaweed and orange sand were also cut out of paint samples. 
Each ocean scene was glued to a piece of folded blue card-stock with Elmer's school glue. 

The end result were these adorable squid cards. I just adore them!

Do your kids like to personalize their own birthday parties? 
Do you have a kid or tween who loves Origami and or Squids as much as mine?

Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea

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