Sunday, May 4, 2014

Kid's Craft: How to Make Beautiful Flowers with Coffee Filters and Cupcake Liners

Tissue paper flowers are a classic childhood craft. 
We made our own flowers for C's recent Fairy Garden-themed birthday party with supplies we had in the house: coffee filters and cupcake liners. 
This colorful Spring craft would be perfect for Cinco de Mayo, Mother's Day, 
a Birthday Party, or Baby Shower celebration. 
They are so simple to make that preschoolers can make them 
but have enough wow factor that tweens can enjoy the project as well! 

To make the coffee filter flowers, we started by coloring simple white coffee filters with water soluble markers. 
We used Crayola brand chunky markers and picked color combinations that we thought would blend nicely together like pinks and oranges or blues and purples. 

The girls even added Dot-a-Dot marker accents to add some richer colors and shimmer. 

We layered the coffee filters on top of newspapers then sprayed them with water from a little spray bottle. 
This is the same technique we use when we make our colorful coffee filter fall leaves
They reminded me of Dale Chihuly's beautiful glass flowers.  

To help shape the flowers (and speed up the drying process), 
we stacked little clumps of them on top of the Dot-a-Dot markers on the art studio table. 

The next day, after they dried, we started to assemble the flowers.
To make them more flower-like, we trimmed some of the coffee filter edges into scallops,points, and petal shapes. 
We layered the centers of the dried coffee filter flowers with cupcake liners and added some green paper leaves. 
Layering colors added interest and made the colors pop. 
A staple in the middle of the whole thing held it all together. Simple and beautiful. 

The coffee filter flowers were so pretty along the stairwell wall for C's fairy birthday party. 
We attached them with simple loops of tape. 
After the party, I brought the flowers to school for C's teacher to use as classroom decor or on a spring bulletin board. I think these would be a lovely decoration for a Baby Shower or Mother's Day tea, brunch or party!

Happy Spring Flower Making! 
Warmly, Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea
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