Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Kitchen Counter Science With Kids: Rainbow Baking Soda Fizzies! #kitchencounterscience

The girls and I decided to preform some kitchen counter science experiments
with simple ingredients from our kitchen pantry. We got out our favorite kitchen science ingredients: 
Vinegar, Baking Soda, and Food Coloring. 
We have been trapped inside with head colds and cold winter weather and needed 
some simple, homemade Rainbow entertainment! This was a fun and colorful boredom buster. 

We started by sprinkling some baking soda powder on a rimmed cookie sheet - 
a thin layer of baking soda works just fine for this project. 
The edge of the pan keeps the vinegar from spilling all over the counter and makes clean up simple. 

Then, the girls dropped food coloring onto the baking powder. 
We even hid drops of food color UNDER some of the baking powder piles. 
Then, they added the white vinegar with an eye dropper and let the Rainbow Fizzies begin! 

The colors are so pretty as they blend together.

"E" my 11 year old, decided to make a Rainbow food coloring grid on the second tray
of baking soda for her 7 year old sister to explore. It was really pretty and fun to see them 
enjoying this activity together. This Rainbow baking soda science experiment is an oldie but goodie and something my girls really enjoyed doing when they were much younger (preschool/toddler age.) 
They showed me this weekend, that you are never too old to enjoy 
playing and experimenting with these simple kitchen science ingredients. 
My sweet husband and I even had fun adding colors and watching them fizz with the vinegar!

Happy Rainbow Making! 
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with the hashtag #kitchencounterscience.

Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea

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