Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Kitchen Counter Science with Kids: Rainbow Celery Experiment #kitchencounterscience

We are back!! With St. Patrick's Day around the corner (also known as Rainbow week at our house!)
the girls and I decided to do some kitchen counter science experiments 
and make Rainbow Celery this past weekend! We love anything "Rainbow" around here and this project was 
as simple as it gets and fun for our whole family to watch. 

We started by making a Rainbow spectrum of colored water with food coloring and water
along our kitchen window sill. Then, we cut stalks of celery that had leaves on them
 to sit in each cup of colored water. I'm sure you could use liquid water colors and get the same effect
or possibly even brighter colors! We did this experiment in connection with C's first grade science unit on the human body and it's systems - we talked about the circulatory system and "capillary" action.
The small "vessels" in the celery stalks carry the water and color to the leaves, 
like the way blood travels through your body. 

We started to see some faint color appearing in the celery after a few hours, the next morning 
the leaves were tinted pale rainbow colors. After three days, we had these super bright 
and vivid colors! We also had some tired and wilted looking celery as the leaves dried out -- 
I think they may have baked a bit in our kitchen window sunlight! 

Look at the beautiful patterns and colors in the celery stalk leaves! 
Hooray for Rainbow Celery!!!

The girls also wanted to try an experiment to see what would happen
if we cut a stalk of celery into three pieces and submerged each section 
into a different cup of colored water -- we used Red, Blue, and Yellow (primary colors)
to see if the colors would mix or blend in the leaves. This piece of celery dried out the fastest because
of the cut apart stalk and air exposure but you can see how the colors mixed 
and blended together on the various celery leaves by the end of the three days! 

Simple science experiments are so fun for kids and can be enjoyed
by all ages at home or in your classroom. Happy experimenting! 

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with the hashtag #kitchencounterscience.

Rainbow Celery! 

Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea

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