Sunday, March 30, 2014

Creative Kids Challenge: Easter Eggs - Mess Free Egg Decorating With Kids #creativekidschallenge

The girls and I were so excited when our friends at Tinkerlab challenged us 
to participate in their latest Creative Kids Challenge: Easter Eggs

During the challenge, you invite your child to make something with an egg. That's it. So easy. 
The eggs can be real, plastic, wood, etc. 
I decided to keep things simple and as mess-free as possible. 
I set up a table in our art studio for the girls with watercolor, markers,
and a dozen plastic eggs I picked up at Walmart. They are our new favorite eggs
and just appeared in the Easter aisle this year, they are white and coated with some 
kind of paper, plaster, or paint that works beautifully with watercolor, paint, glue, and markers. 
The best part was that they are only $2 and they don't break. 
We are planning to go back and buy some more. 

Both of my girls, ages 11 and 7, enjoyed sitting with me one afternoon this weekend as we decorated eggs.

My 11 year old daughter, E, made this beautiful blue and white, Blue Willow inspired egg. 

My 7 year old, C, came up with this lovely technique of drawing on her egg 
with thin, washable Crayola markers -- it was so lovely and looked like liquid watercolors. 

She also made a few with a combination of watercolors, then marker designs on top.

Markers and fake eggs, it's about as mess-free and simple
as decorating eggs with kids can get. But the results were lovely. 

Here are our eggs ready for this year's (indoor) Easter Egg hunt! 
Last year, we decorated two dozen real eggs and a raccoon ate them all overnight in our backyard,
the girls were so disappinted. This year, we're going the fake-egg route and keeping our hunt indoors.

My 11 year old wanted to open one egg, so I carefully cut it for her with an X-acto knife
and she made a yellow, pom-pom chick to live inside. 
She also tried decorating an egg by covering it with glue dots and "googly" eyes
but got bored half-way through then got silly and 
decided to pose for an outtake photo with her own giant "googly" eyes!! Such a goofball!

Would love to see you and your own kids join the Tinkerlab Creative Kids Challenge
this month and see what kind of eggs and egg-craftivites you come up with! 

Pink and Green Mama, 

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