Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Fort Building Kit for Kids! Fort Magic Review

Sponsored Post Disclosure: My family received products from Fort Magic to write this review.
As always, all opinions expressed are my own. 

When my friends at Fort Magic contacted my family to review one of their super awesome fort building kits, 
I don't know who was more excited, the girls or me! I really do have the best job ever. 
We love to build forts and I am frequently asked to sacrifice kitchen chairs, sofa cushions, hair bands, and clothespins for the tiny architects who live in my house! I'm all for imaginative play but it gets frustrating for me and the girls when they are asking to drag my chairs into the backyard or upstairs to the playroom so they can build their latest fort, castle, storefront, or emergency vet clinic! 
Fort Magic solved this problem for my family by providing my two girls and all of their friends 
with hours of imaginative play, right out of the box! 

The box had all of the parts neatly sorted inside. 
It even comes with a really cool, resealable bag to store all the bits and pieces in when you're done!

The kit includes
* 165 Straight and Curved sticks in seven different sizes!
* 87 Connector pieces in five different shapes and sizes!
* 130 easy to use Fabric and Accessory Clips that securely fasten sheets or fabric to ANY shape or design your child invents with no sewing!  ANY fort can have a perfectly customized cover every time they play! 
* A full color, easy to read, instruction Manual with over 20 different designs to build! 
* A high quality Storage Bag that holds all of the Fort Magic pieces - so clean up is quick and easy every time! 

The girls worked together and were able to follow the simple instruction manual.
The book is filled with colorful and easy to understand photos -- 
 both of my girls, my "tween" E and my beginning reader "C" were able to follow along. 
It was great for the girls to work together and use their imaginations!

In the past two weeks, since our Fort Magic box first arrived, 
my girls have spent two different weekends building backyard forts and multiple after-school indoor structures.
They love being able to set up play houses in our new (read:empty) backyard 
that doesn't have any trees or landscaping yet! 

This morning, the girls worked together to build their own emergency vet clinic 
complete with a very realistic I.V. pole made from Fort Magic parts! 

My 7 year old, C wants to run a wild animal rescue clinic when she grows up. 
The poles clicked together to make a perfect IV pole for my little vet in training - 
I thought the girls were so clever when they showed me this! 

I see this new favorite toy becoming a classic in our house with years of play ahead of us!! 

This was C's doggy drive-thru and sewing shop. Pippi our rescue greyhound
was more than happy to come by for some goldfish snacks! 

The engineers at work.
My husband, the homebuilder, thinks it's completely awesome too!

This structure was a dog house, an igloo, a time machine, and an MRI 
in the course of one afternoon of imaginative outdoor play.

Fabric covers are not included with the kit but this was easy to solve, 
I purchased a couple of large, flat (cheap) bed sheets at our local big box store 
and added them to the fort building kit. 
No more asking mom if they can borrow my good sheets and get grass stains on them. 
Good Will or your local thrift store would be a great place to find cool fort building sheets as well. 
Our silk play scarves, and some old table cloths work beautifully with this kit as well!

There are small clips that connect your fabric to the play structure = so easy! 

I love the way this toy encourages my girls to use their imaginations.
They are little engineers at work figuring out how to construct and build anything they can think of!

Girl power!! P.S. Boys love it too!!!
This is not an inexpensive toy, it's an investment. I had sticker shock when I looked it up online! 
However, after watching my own kids play with it DAILY for the past two weeks, 
I have to say it's worth every penny. 
My girls are huge imaginative play and this allows them to take it to a whole new level!

Good luck! 
Warmly, Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea


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