Thursday, October 3, 2013

Make Spooky Spider Webs with Colored Chalk and School Glue!

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post. Elmer's glue did not sponsor this post. 

Today I'm sharing a fun, oldie but goodie art technique using dried Elmer's glue
as a resist with colored chalk on black construction paper. 

When you draw with chalk on top of them, and rub it gently with a tissue,
the result is a lovely blended web of many colors with a black spider sitting on top!
These make a wonderful hallway display at school or in your classroom. 


Here is the project, broken down step by step. 

We started these projects by lightly sketching spiders on black construction paper
with a pencil. Then, the girls traced their spiders with white Elmer's school glue.

How to Draw a Spider:

Spiders are easy to draw.
We draw two circles or ovals for the head and body.
Then, add 8 legs, 4 on each side.
Two pointing down by the head and two pointing away toward the abdomen. 

We left our spiders to dry for an afternoon.
You could also draw your webs with glue but we decided we wanted more contrast
so we only "drew" our spiders with glue.

As you can see, the spiders dry clear on the black paper.

Now, draw a rainbow of colors with colored artist's chalk on the black paper.
The dry Elmer's glue will resist the chalk 
and allow the black paper to show through the colorful chalk. 

Then, use a tissue to blend the colored chalk and reveal the black spider. 

How to draw a spider web:

Now it's time to draw the spider web. 
Make an "X" on the paper with white chalk. 

Now add more intersecting lines to create a star-like design. 

Working from the middle to the outer edge. 
Draw curved lines, I call them "little frown-ie smiles" between each of the main web lines. 


Keep going all the way around your web until it looks like this. 

Use a tissue to blend and wipe off any excess chalk from the glue spider
and it will look shiny and black. 
The colored chalk and white lines really make the spider pop and stand out! 

does a version of this project using the glue as the spider webs and they 
are just beautiful. Go check them out here! 

Have fun and happy not-so-spooky (RAINBOW) spider web making! 
For even more not-so-spooky, colorful Halloween crafts and projects,

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