Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sewing With Kids: Cross-Stitched Portrait Gift

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My oldest daughter, "E" has been learning how to cross-stitch. 
She really enjoys it and likes to sit with it as a way to unwind. 
She also enjoys knitting but that's something she does on her own because I don't know how to knit! 
This "E" was her first cross-stitching project a two years ago (age 8)
she added a rainbow and completed her whole name. 

Last year, she wanted to make something special for her best friend's 9th birthday present.
We saw these cute cross-stitched portraits in an old Martha Stewart magazine
and it was love at first site for "E." 

She started by sketching out her design on graph paper and making a pattern. 
Awesome, right?! 

Then, she spent several afternoons working carefully on this darling portrait. 
I love the addition of the rainbow and the buttons. 
Her very special BFF has it hanging in a place of honor in her room. 

She has taken a break from cross-stitch work lately to concentrate on her knitting.
I'm hoping I can get her to get back into making her adorable samplers again soon. 
I'm thinking a family portrait or a self portrait.
I wish she would make one for her mama....hint, hint. 

Do your kids knit or cross-stitch? 

Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea

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