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Head Back to School with 5 Creative Ways to Personalize and Organize Your New School Year! #Michaelsbts

Sponsored Post Disclosure: I received compensation from Michaels craft stores to write this post. 
All opinions expressed are my own and do not reflect those of Michaels craft stores. 

Today, I'm sharing some fun ways to 
kick off your most creative school year
with some help from craft supplies available at Michaels craft store. 

 First, I like to make sure we are well organized as we launch into the chaos of another school year! 
I use Washi tape on my blogging calendar and on our household calendar 
to write everything down and help it stand out. 
I may be the only mom left in America that still has a family calendar 
posted on the kitchen refrigerator but it works for my visual learning style 
and everyone in the house knows where to look to see what's scheduled.

The great thing about Washi tape is that you can reposition it, you can 
move things around your calendar and not have a bunch of yucky scratched out areas. 

I use different colors for each activity and write on top of it with a black sharpie pen. 
I picked up this Washi tape in the scrapbooking area at Michaels - I love the yellow chevron.
I also use Washi tape and black sharpie to label my file folder tabs. 

The girls always like to add our own creative and personalized touches to basic school supplies.
Washi tape is a fun and easy way to do it. Remember this post from last year? 
I shared how we used traditional Washi tape to embellish and personalize boring
file folders, glue bottles, glue sticks, pens and notebooks. 

This year, we picked up this adorable package of GLITTER Washi tape at Michaels (scrapbook aisle)
and used it to bling out a basic (read: $1!) spiral notebook. We wrapped the whole cover
and hid the ends inside the front cover. The end result was super cute! 

We even used a Michaels 40% off coupon on the glitter Washi tape pack -- 
Hooray for the Michaels in-store coupon phone app! I always use my phone for their coupons. 

Just peel and stick the glitter tape. 
Hide the ends on the inside cover. 


Rainbows make me so happy!

You can even add these cute cardboard letters from the scrapbooking department
to your notebook for even more cute bling. I might have paid more attention in math class
if I'd had notebooks this cute when I was in school! 
You'll have to add a bit of glue (I like Aleene's Tacky Glue) since the glitter is rough. 

Goodbye Boring Notebooks and Folders. 
Hello Cute, Creative, and Colorful! 

Am I the only mom who doesn't like plastic-cover spiral notebooks?
They are impossible to label because stickers don't stick to them and pens don't write well on them.
Hooray for Chalk Paint Markers to the rescue! 
We picked up a package of chalk paint markers in the craft paint aisle at Michaels and used them to 
bling out boring plastic notebooks and folders. 
My oldest daughter LOVES squids so she drew her own adorable squid on a plastic folder. 
Helpful Hint: The markers will take a little while to dry (think 15-20 minutes) so be careful
while you are drawing and writing with them to not smear your hand through the wet areas! 
Let them dry COMPLETELY before you stack them on each other. 
If you make a mistake you can clean it off with a wet paper towel or some Windex on a paper towel. 

My girls won't have lockers until middle school but I know plenty of you have middle school and high school aged kids who like to add their own touches to their lockers.
When I saw these plastic dinosaurs and mini picture frames in the $1 dollar bins
at Michaels I wanted to make this fun little project! 

I started by cutting off the heads of the plastic dinosaurs (plus one hippo) with a craft utility knife. 

Then, I cut the plastic "glass" out of these little frames 
and snapped off the fold-out stands on the back of the frames. 

I painted the cardboard black with acrylic craft paint - you could use any color.

Then, I used E600 glue to adhere magnets to the back of each frame. 
This glue is stinky but it works like a charm! 

After the magnets dried, I glued the dinosaur heads to each frame with more E600 glue. 

The end result were these guys. I love them -- RAWR! 
The girls are using them on their magnet boards in their rooms but I want to steal a couple 
for our fridge. Wouldn't these be awesome in a locker?! 

Speaking of lockers (or refrigerators) here's one more quick craft
we whipped up with our goodies from Michaels. 


I saw these speech bubbles in the unfinished wood area at Michaels
and thought they would be cute with some black chalkboard paint.

Add some more magnets to the back with E600 glue and you have a fun way
to leave reminders for family members on a message board, fridge, or locker. 
Just write on them with chalk or chalk paint markers. 

Helpful Hint: Add at least two or three coats of chalkboard paint to the surface of the wood! 

While we had the chalkboard paint out, I painted the cover of a composition notebook (3 coats.)
Just add chalkboard paint pen accents, scrapbook letters, or chalk when it's completely dry! 

The girls and I had great fun coming up with creative new ways 
to head into another great school year. 
Michaels really IS where creativity happens for our house! 
We do some of our best creative brainstorming there and have so much
fun with our awesome art and craft materials we buy there (always use those coupons!)
 I hope this post inspires you to add some fun and creative touches 
to your own back to school experience! 

Pink and Green Mama,

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Sponsored Post Disclosure: I received compensation from Michaels craft stores to write this post. 
All opinions expressed are my own and do not reflect those of Michaels craft stores. 

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