Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Paul Cezanne Inspired Still Life Drawings With Oil Pastel On Black Paper

I made these beautiful Paul Cezanne inspired still life drawings with my favorite 4th grade class this school year! We used black construction paper and drew with oil pastels.

I set up simple fruit bowls in the center of each group of students. Kids get so excited when you set up a "real" still life for them. I think it makes younger students feel like they're in a big kid art class. It also takes the pressure off when everyone is drawing the same thing from different angles. They're not all going to look alike and that's the fun part.
If students draw from life, looking at real objects and drawing what they see, the drawings will come out more realistically than when they draw from their imagination.

I used a silk scarf to create some wrinkles and folds under the fruit bowl. 

 Please pardon the crummy photos, I forgot my camera that day and used my phone. (This was taken in 2013, pre-fancy-camera iphones!) The kids really enjoyed the lesson and their drawings turned out beautifully!

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Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea

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