Monday, July 29, 2013

Making Silhouette Art With Children

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We recently traveled to Disney World in Orlando, Florida and asked our favorite artist there, Meghan, 
in Downtown Disney to create our second set of profile silhouette portraits of our daughters. 
6 years ago, the same artist cut portraits of my sweet girls that hang in our hallway 
as well as some "scenes" for their rooms. 
"C"(age 6) has a Pumpkin Carriage, a Thumbelina, and a Rapunzel Tower silhouette in her room.
"E" (age 10) has her favorite Disney character, Maleficent's silhouette in her room. 

Watching the artist at work, and looking at those silhouettes everyday must have left an impression on my youngest daughter "C" because the other night, as I was cooking dinner, 
she sat down at the counter with some black construction paper and a pair of scissors and created this beautiful silhouette of a giraffe with a tree. "C" sketched her drawing with pencil then cut it out and glued it down with a glue stick on white paper. 
I was blown away. I'm planning to frame it for the hallway silhouette gallery. 

When her big sister, "E" saw what she was up to, she wanted to make one as well. 
She cut out this beautiful Jelly Fish and I'm going to have to frame it too! 

We will be making more silhouette art this summer! 
Thanks for the inspiration Meghan!

Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea

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