Monday, June 24, 2013

Mermaid Sensory Writing Tray - Practice Letters and Mark Making With An Ocean Twist!

My girls are both home from school for the summer and we've been spending 
our time at the kitchen breakfast table with some "mom school" morning work. 
My youngest daughter, C, is moving on to first grade this fall and we're reviewing 
spelling, handwriting, reading, and simple math this summer. 
I've been trying to find some sneaky ways to incorporate fun into our summer learning 
and this seems to be doing the trick! 
A mermaid themed writing tray to practice letters and numbers, spelling words, and math problems.

While visiting Michaels craft store this week for some fun summer craft supplies, 
we spotted this beautiful sheet of 12"x12" iridescent blue scrapbook paper. 
I remembered seeing The Imagination Tree's Fairy Dust Writing Tray and thought it would 
be fun to use this pretty paper to make a tray for my little mermaid lover! 
When we got home, I placed the sheet of paper in the bottom of a shallow 12"x12" plastic scrapbook paper storage box from my art studio and we added a cup of play sand 
from our outdoor covered sand table. 

Then we added a few seashells and two of our homemade clothespin mermaids
* NOTE * If you want to make your own clothespin mermaid, 

We are planning to add some larger seashells and 
some plastic "pearl" beads to work on math problems  (I saw the original lovely idea for it here.)

The best part about this little tray is because of it's small size and built in lid,
it is portable and easy to clean up. She can work with it on our deck, 
at the pool, the kitchen table, or playroom!

Happy (sneaky) Summer Learning! 

Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea
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