Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week Gift: Easy and Cute Fairy Garden in a $1 Salad Bowl

This week is teacher appreciation week.
One little week to let our children's teacher's know how much they mean to us and our children.
Isn't EVERY week teacher appreciation week?
It's kind of like "Mother's Day," in my book, every day is mother's day!
But it is nice to get a little reminder. 
I shared this photo on instagram on Monday. 
We like to make these cute little gardens every year. 
The girls and I loved making these salad bowl fairy gardens for this year's teachers.
They gave them to their teachers this morning so I can share them on the blog now! 

Project How to: 

* Instructions to make the bird houses can be found in this post.

* Step-by-step instructions for the Fairy Dish Gardens can be found here

* I bought the Salad Bowls at Walmart for $1 each! 
They always stock them this time of year in the picnic outdoor 
plastic drink pitcher and trays seasonal display area (I'm sure that's the official name!)

More Eye Candy
And... please take a quick minute to hop over and 
check out the cute fairy gardens my bloggy friend Melissa at Green Owl Art blog 
made with her kids this week - my favorite is the tether ball pole!

Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea

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