Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Easy Heartfelt DIY Fingerprint Cards for Dads and Grads!

It's that time of year again, time for Graduation Celebrations and Father's Day!
We had the honor and privilege of celebrating two very talented college graduates this weekend. 
Our next door neighbors have raised three smart and beautiful young women that I got to teach 
(a million years ago) when they were still in elementary school. Two of them graduated
from College and Graduate school this weekend and are going to be teachers. I couldn't be prouder! 
We put together gift baskets for each of the graduates (I'll share them in my next post) 
and these easy DIY "heartfelt" cards! The third is still in college and our favorite babysitter. 

The cards were so quick and easy to make. 
They would be great for any graduation, teacher appreciation, or dad for father's day. 
We started by picking out stamping ink in the school colors
in this case George Mason University - Green and Gold, and
James Madison University - Purple and Gold. 

If you didn't have ink pads in the house, you could try coloring and stamping 
fingerprints with washable markers (think Crayola) or Do-A-Dots! 

For a Father's day card, I could see dad's favorite team colors, 
alma mater, or children's birthstone colors -- you get the idea! 

To make the cards, we traced a pale yellow heart on a piece of white card stock (folded into a card)
then, the girls filled in the heart with fingerprints in green and gold ink for our GMU grad
and purple and gold ink for our JMU grad! 

After filling the inside with heartfelt messages of congratulations
and drawings from the girls we were good to go! 
Quick, easy, original, and from the heart. 

Here's to all the new grads (and dads) out there! 

Pink and Green Mama

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