Tuesday, April 23, 2013

* 5 Easy Ways Make Your Backyard More Bird Friendly

1. Provide the Birds With Shelter. 

In addition to bird houses, we have made sure that our landscaping
provides cover and places to raise young for our back yard birds. 
We have bushes, shrubs, and evergreen trees around our property. 

The girls and I stock our empty Suet feeder with nesting materials every spring. 
We include things like pieces of thread, yarn scraps, wool felting bits, cotton balls, and raffia. 
(We keep it stocked with suet cakes all winter)

* EXTRA CREDIT: Make your yard a Wildlife Habitat * 
Read more about how my family got our backyard 
Certified as a Wildlife Habitat HERE  by the National Wildlife Federation.

2. Provide Food Sources for the Birds. 

Hang up Bird Feeders. 
We have several home-made and store-bought feeders around our property. 

We picked up these bird feeders at the Dollar Store and decoupaged them with 
tissue paper squares and Outdoor Formula Mod Podge. 

Make some Birdseed Cakes for your backyard friends.
Instructions to ours can be found here

3. Provide Fresh Drinking Water for the Birds. 

We provide clean water with a bird bath that we refill using a watering can and our rain barrel. 
I do keep a Mosquito dunk inside to battle the Asian Tiger Mosquitos that love our area.

Note: Don't allow pets (like your dog) or children(!)
to drink from  or play in bird baths - our little feathered friends do carry
diseases and bacteria that can make your canine companion or child very ill. 

4. Practice Sustainable Gardening in your own Yard. 

We try to garden without chemicals or yard sprays - I use corn gluten and milky spore for grubs.
We mow and weed-whack with a rechargeable electric lawn mower  week-whacker. 
When we do mow, we mulch the grass clippings back into our lawn 
instead of bagging them for the landfills. 
We Xeriscape - we have replace LARGE sections of lawn and grass with mulch and
hardscaping (slate, river stone, and brick.)
We have a rain barrel to water our veggies and we have a large Blue Planet compost bin
in the backyard for kitchen and yard scraps 

5. Nurture A Love of Nature. 
Encourage your children to 
EXPLORE and LEARN about Birds and their habitats. 

Set up a Bird Watching Basket or 
Bird Watching Station for your kids to observe their backyard feathered friends. 
We have ours by our family room window stocked with:
binoculars, bird identification books, a Bird Song "Identiflyer" and 
a journal to draw birds or record observations. 

filled with 13 fun Art and Craft Projects to add some artsy fun to your backyard! 
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Pink and Green Mama,

Here are some of our backyard favorites!

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