Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Poured Paint Easter Eggs!

easy way to decorate easter eggs

This project drew it's inspiration from the beautiful poured paint projects
that were all over blog world and Pinterest last year.
The Rainbow poured paint flower pots from Dily Daly art were my very favorites! 
So, I guess these are Holton Rower  and Dily Daly inspired easter eggs! 

We used cheap-o plastic easter eggs and set each one on a paper plate 
balanced in a small plastic bottle cap. 
Then we just poured craft paint in layers on top of each egg.
Watching the paint mix is the fun part!

I recommend adding some metallic silver or gold paint to the mix!
Had to make a girly pink and purple one for "C"

They look like our poured paint yard gazing balls

Here's a link in case you missed that gem from the archives!

Then we decided to sprinkle some glitter onto the wet paint
to give them some more bling!

Project Notes: 
* Because the paint is plastic and so are the eggs, 
the paint will chip and peel off if you pick at them. 

* To "finish" the unpainted end of the egg that was stuck inside the plastic cap, we just 
picked up the eggs when they were (mostly) dry and dipped the bare ends into the 
swirly paint puddle that was left behind on the paper plate.

Happy (Drippy) Easter Decorating!

Pink and Green Mama 

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