Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kid Friendly Ways To Decorate Easter Eggs

Today I wanted to share some easy and kid-friendly ways to decorate Easter Eggs.

Our very favorite, go-to method for decorating easter eggs 
with food coloring is  this technique with food coloring, vinegar, and a kitchen colander.
The colander keeps little fingers clean and keeps splashing and spills to a minimum!

All of these eggs were dyed with the colander technique last year.

We also add some sprinkles of kitchen salt to get a dappled watercolor effect.

You can also use shaving cream and liquid watercolors using 
the same technique we highlighted here marbling notecards and paper. 

You can make Poured Paint Easter Eggs by setting an egg in a plastic lid
and pouring acrylic craft paint over the egg (on a paper plate)
Let it dry before you pick it up! 

You can also use school glue or a glue gun and glitter to make "fancy glitter eggs"

It's fun (and EASY) to just draw on plastic eggs with permanent markers too! 
Alissa Burke has BEAUTIFUL eggs on her BEAUTIFUL blog that she decorated with Sharpies. 
Go check her out, I'm in love with ALL of her creative ideas.
She's full of beauty and talent and makes the world a more beautiful place to live in!

More kid-friendly ways to decorate eggs include:
  • Stickers
  • Bleeding Tissue Paper
  • Office Labels (Circle stickers) 
  • Do-A-Dot Markers
  • Draw With Permanent Markers
  • Paint with Watercolors or Craft Paint
  • Wrap in Washi Tape or Colored Masking Tape
  • Use Glitter Glue or Glitter and Elmer's Glue
  • Draw With Oil Pastels

Your imagination is your only limit!

If you don't want to use real eggs, 
you can use papier mache eggs or wooden eggs from the craft store. 
We bought some a few years ago for the girls to decorate. 
They mod-podged ours with paper napkins and tissue paper. 

Another kid-friendly NO EGG option is to paint pine cones like we did here.

Happy Decorating!
Pink and Green Mama MaryLea

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