Sunday, March 24, 2013

Favorite Watercolor Projects For Kids

Today I'm sharing my favorite Watercolor Projects from the Blog.
Hope you find something to inspire a crafty play date with your favorite little artist!
Watercolors are kid friendly, easy to set up and clean up, inexpensive, and fun!

* Change your water frequently.
* Keep Paper towels handy to mop up puddles and to wipe your brush.
* Always rinse your brush between colors and wipe it gently on the edge of the water glass.
* Protect your work surface from water (use newspapers, plastic placemats, or a vinyl tablecloth)
* Store your clean paint brushes bristles up (don't leave them on their heads!) 

Experiment with:
Water spray bottle, Salt, Coffee Filters, Tape Resist, Glue Resist.

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