Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Favorite Rainbow Themed Activities, Crafts, Snacks, and Art Projects!

As we've been trudging through these dreary, gray days of winter,  my mind keeps wandering to spring and beautiful rainbows! Today I'm sharing some of my favorite Rainbow themed posts from the blog to brighten your days and kick off the start of Spring. I hope they bring you some colorful ideas! 

You can start by filling your window sills with rainbows - 
make a dyed noodle Rainbow Sun Catcher Craft  (2009) to brighten your days. 

Make a Waldorf Window Star with kite paper in Rainbow Colors! 

Some fun bath time or water table play always keeps my girls entertained.
Try making some tub toys of your own by cutting shapes out of colored Craft Foam.

Rainbow Bath Toys Craft Foam Bath Toy

If it's cold and wintery outside, 
go make some Rainbow Ice (just add food coloring to water)
and freeze it in ice cube trays, bowls, cups, or balloons!

Colored Ice Cubes

add some food coloring or kool-aid to spray bottles. 
(look how little "E" was in this picture -- that sure is an old post!)

Why not EAT a rainbow? 
Make a colorful snack for your kids.
You could make fruit salad, fruit kabobs, or 
a veggie plate with all of the colors of the rainbow. 

We set this one up at my daughter's Rainbow themed birthday party a few years ago. 
I colored Sprite with food coloring - Red, Blue, and Yellow
so the kids could pour it into cups and mix their own favorite colors (Green, Orange, and Purple)! 
Fun for grown-ups too. 
Better yet, throw a Rainbow Themed Party.
Make some Rainbow Jello! (2010)

Wear a Rainbow!

Add some rainbows to your sneakers (2010)
Make your own Rainbow Necklace with Rainbow Cereal.
Invite a friend over and have your own mini Rainbow Fun Camp! (2009)

Get Crafty With Rainbows!

If it's warm enough outside, whip up a batch of 
with cornstarch, food coloring, and water. 

They are a beautiful addition to 
tote bags, grocery bags, and backpacks! 

Make some Rainbow Colored Glue! (2011)

Make a Yarn Wrapped Color Wheel. (2012)

Whip up a batch of my 
Kool-Aid Rainbow Play Dough

Rainbow Rice Sensory Box

and then use some Rainbow Colored Rice to make your own 

DIY Eye Spy Bottle

You can also check out my FREE  E-book Rainbow Fun 
for these ideas and even more Crafts, Games, and Songs
in an easy to read downloadable PDF format - perfect for your iPad or home computer!

Happy Rainbow Making! 
Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea

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