Monday, March 18, 2013

Easter Basket Non-Candy Filler Ideas To Make For Your Kids

Last year, we made the switch from individual Easter baskets to one big family basket
for the girls. It is easier for me to fill one basket with goodies for both girls
to share and doesn't break the budget buying multiples of everything. 
I try to balance out the sugar rush of Easter morning with some non-candy goodies. 

Of course in this photo from last year, you can only see the candy...
the cute recycled sweater bunnies I found on Etsy, 
the bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and coloring books are all buried!

Today, I want to share a round-up of inexpensive ideas from past blog posts 
that would be easy to make for your children's baskets this year 
during nap time, while they're at school, etc. 
Click on each link for full details and to visit the old post.

I pick up these little wooden peg dolls at the craft store 
(Michaels or JoAnnes) and paint them with watercolors.
I use permanent marker to draw on the little faces 
and glue felt flower hats on top with Aleene's tacky glue. 
This year, I'm planning to make some wooden peg doll animals for the girls.

Wooden animals can be made at home with a scroll saw and wood burning tool
or you can order from an Etsy shop
Mama Kopp is our favorite, go-to Etsy shop. 
The frog in the photo below came from her shop! 

If you have little girls in your house like I do, 
new barrettes and hair accessories always go over well! 

These are easy to make and so cute! 
Wonderful to hide in plants and fairy gardens.
These would make magical tooth fairy gifts as well!

Put some plastic easter eggs and craft felt to good use 
with a DIY color matching game for any toddlers in your life!

Bean bags are easy to make and SEW fun for kids! 
You just need some scrap fabric or felt, and filler like dry beans
(I use dry Split Peas) and a quick zip through the sewing machine. 

 Click HERE to see my Outer Space Bean Bags. 

These can be quickly cut out with a pair of scissors.
You can make basic shapes, animals, or stick people. 
My girls love to create murals and collages on the tile walls around 
our bathtub and shower with these craft foam shapes!

Play dough is always popular in our house.
Why not make a fresh batch of homemade play dough?
You could even add some cute new cookie cutters or paper cupcake holders to play with! 

New art supplies are always a welcome addition to our Easter Baskets.
Make a batch of my colored Rainbow Glue and your kids will have a blast
making pictures and getting creative with it! 

Sew your own little sock friend from some old mismatched or outgrown socks. 

Make your own felt animal masks with some felt and fabric glue or hot glue.
Just stitch on some elastic and you're good to go. 
These are wonderful for imaginative play and can be customized to make
your child's favorite animal! 

Other easy Easter (Non-Candy) Basket Filler Ideas:

Watercolors and Watercolor Paper
New Markers or Crayons
Coloring Books (store bought or homemade) 
Journals  and Gel Pens
Shrinky Dinks
Model Magic or other Modeling Clay like Sculpey
New Sidewalk Chalk
Finger Puppets
Jump Rope
Stuffed Animals
Silk Scarves
Gardening Gloves, a Spade, and some Seeds
Small Watering Can

Happy Spring Crafting! 

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