Wednesday, March 6, 2013

DIY St. Patrick's Day Shamrock T-Shirt With Doily Print

The girls and I decided to make our own St. Patrick's Day t-shirts
inspired by our DIY Valentine Doily Print t-shirts we made last year. 

We used grey t-shirts because they didn't have any cute green shirts at the store.
Everything else for this project was already in our art studio. 
We used Tulip brand Soft Fabric Paint in Lime Green
This paint is great, it washes well in the washing machine and isn't stiff on the shirt
when you wear it -- it's the same fabric paint we used on our valentine's day shirts. 
You will also need: a small heart shaped doily, paper plate, and a foam craft brush. 
* Note: Tulip paint did not sponsor this post 
but I'd be more than happy to write some craft tutorials for them -- hint hint! *

To make the t-shirt, we laid one small heart doily down on the t-shirt
and carefully dabbed green fabric paint all over the doily and overlapped the edges a bit
to make each green heart. We repeated this step three times to make the clover shape. 
Note: Carefully dab the paint so the doily doesn't rip.

Then, carefully peel away the heart to reapply it for the next shape.

Once all three hearts were printed for the shamrock shape, 
we just drew the stem with green fabric paint and the brush. 

Let your t-shirt dry overnight before washing it. 

Both girls love their new DIY St. Patty's day t-shirts 
and can't wait to wear them to school next week. 

Happy Holiday Crafting! 

Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea

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