Sunday, March 3, 2013

Cute DIY St. Patrick's Day Craft: Rainbow Ribbon Hair Barrette

St. Patty's Day Craft, St. Patrick's Day

The girls and I were brainstorming cute St. Patrick's day craft ideas
and came up with this fun little rainbow cloud barrette. 
These barrettes were inspired by our DIY Valentine's Day felt heart barrettes

First we cut pieces of thin ribbon into 15" long strips and tied them to the 
bottom rung/bar of a simple hair barrette. 

Here you can see our be-ribboned barrette with a ruler to show you the scale. 

After tying the ribbons to the bottom bar of the barrette, 
the girls carefully stitched a cut out felt cloud shape to the barrette
with white embroidery floss. Then I helped them tack a second felt cloud shape 
to the bottom cloud to cover up the stitches and give the cloud more visual depth. 

Rainbow hair barrette in action! 

Finished rainbow cloud barrette ready for St. Patty's day 
or any day we need a little rainbow cheer!

Pardon the sloppy stitching, It's a small price to pay for letting 
the girls help sew their own barrettes! 
You have to learn somehow, and this part doesn't show when it's in your hair. 

These would be adorable pins to wear on your shirt or backpack as well! 
Happy St. Patty's (RAINBOW) Day! 

Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea

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