Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Spin Art HeART Valentine Garland!

The girls and I made this easy Valentine garland for our kitchen this weekend.
We used our spin art machine to make 4"x4" squares then cut them into heart shapes. 
If you don't have a spin art machine you can also use a salad spinner! 

For the squares we used watercolor paper then dropped liquid watercolors onto
the spinning paper with pipettes from Discount School Supply 
(you could also use an eye dropper)

Then, we cut out felt from our scrap basket and I machine stitched 
the watercolor paper hearts to the felt with my sewing machine. 

We finished it off by stitching each heart to some ribbon. 

Then we hung it up in the kitchen.

And yes...that's our homemade felt "happy birthday" banner  hanging up as well. 
C's birthday 1 week after Valentine's day so we always have some festive decorating overlap!

The rainbow spin hearts are so cute we're planning to add them to our birthday decor!

Happy Celebrating! 

pink and green mama

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