Monday, February 25, 2013

Solar System Projects - Outer Space Themed Crafts, Activities, and Games

To accompany our star-shaped Solar System book post, I wanted to 
share some of my favorite outer space themed crafts, games, 
and activities from the blog over the years. 

My very favorite space themed project are these 
with tooth brush splatter white paint stars and watercolored planets. 
I used to teach this lesson in my art classroom and 
enjoyed making them with my own daughters a few summers ago. 

I made these cute little "Leave A SPACE" sticks 
for my daughter's kindergarten classroom this year.
She and her friends are working very hard on their reading and writing skills
and they use these cute little sticks to remind them to leave a space between words.

Solar System Bean Bags

Our  outer space themed bean bags were a fun summer project
that we still enjoy playing with. I happened to have some planet print fabric
from the going out of business sale from our local Walmart's fabric department
but you could use any kind of cute printed fabrics or colored felt to make them.
My favorite part are the ribbon tails -- they look like little comets flying through the air! 

Solar System Play Box

The Outer Space Themed Sensory Box was made with 
black fish gravel  but you could also use dried black beans or dyed black rice (or Moon Sand), 
I think the texture would be nicer. The fish gravel is a bit heavy.
We made the planets ourselves with oven bake modeling clay form Michaels craft store.
We may need to set it up again to play with our mini Star Wars toys.

was easy to make with permanent markers and stiff felt. 

was also made with craft felt.

Hope these posts give you a few ideas of how to have some
Out of this World FUN! 

Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea
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