Friday, February 15, 2013

President's Day Portrait Lesson - Happy Birthday George Washington!

This weekend will be a three day weekend for our school system to celebrate "President's Day" 
For me, it just means a bonus day at home with my girls - Yay!

When I was teaching elementary art in the public school system, 
I used to teach this George Washington portrait lesson  on the heels of Valentine's day
with my kindergarten or first grade art students. 

We focused on adding shadows and highlights to skin tones
as well as drawing a proportional face with realistic facial features.
The fun part came when we added cotton ball wigs, doily shirts
and funny party hats to kick off the President's birthday celebration! 

For a complete tutorial on how I walked the kids through this lesson 
see my original post from last year,  HERE. 

Happy President's Day Holiday Weekend!

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