Monday, February 25, 2013

Solar System Projects - Outer Space Themed Crafts, Activities, and Games

To accompany our star-shaped Solar System book post, I wanted to 
share some of my favorite outer space themed crafts, games, 
and activities from the blog over the years. 

My very favorite space themed project are these 
with tooth brush splatter white paint stars and watercolored planets. 
I used to teach this lesson in my art classroom and 
enjoyed making them with my own daughters a few summers ago. 

I made these cute little "Leave A SPACE" sticks 
for my daughter's kindergarten classroom this year.
She and her friends are working very hard on their reading and writing skills
and they use these cute little sticks to remind them to leave a space between words.

Solar System Bean Bags

Our  outer space themed bean bags were a fun summer project
that we still enjoy playing with. I happened to have some planet print fabric
from the going out of business sale from our local Walmart's fabric department
but you could use any kind of cute printed fabrics or colored felt to make them.
My favorite part are the ribbon tails -- they look like little comets flying through the air! 

Solar System Play Box

The Outer Space Themed Sensory Box was made with 
black fish gravel  but you could also use dried black beans or dyed black rice (or Moon Sand), 
I think the texture would be nicer. The fish gravel is a bit heavy.
We made the planets ourselves with oven bake modeling clay form Michaels craft store.
We may need to set it up again to play with our mini Star Wars toys.

was easy to make with permanent markers and stiff felt. 

was also made with craft felt.

Hope these posts give you a few ideas of how to have some
Out of this World FUN! 

Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea
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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Solar System Star-Style Book Report With Pentel Watercolors and Markers

My oldest daughter, "E" recently had to make a Solar System
booklet as a report for her 4th grade science class.
Since her mama was a printmaker and bookmaker in her pre-mommy days,
"E" wanted to make a fancy "star style" book like one of mama's old books.
So, that's exactly what we did.

Pink and Green Mama Blog

My good friends at Pentel recently sent us some new art supplies to play with.
"E" and I loved these tube watercolor paints from Pentel. 

We used a couple of our old Corelle plates as paint palettes
and squirted out two different color wheels to work with. 

The great part is that the paints dry on the plate and all we have to 
do is use a water brush to re-wet them! 

I set up our art studio table with large sheets of arches watercolor paper
and we used a spray water bottle to soak the papers
then we made big color washes on each sheet. 

While working with a wet-on-wet technique we blended colors
from the same families and added some salt and spritzed the paint with the water bottle. 

Very fun technique and we thought it gave the paper a good 
"space-y" and "gassy" planet look! 

Loved all of the colors of the papers and the paint on the palettes. 
Rainbows and color wheels make me happy!

 We left our papers to dry in the art studio, they were really wet! 

"E" drew a picture of each planet with our new Pentel markers,
the colors are bright an vivid and she's been enjoying them for making 
pictures and comics as well! 

"C" and "E"'s log cabin drawings -- just for fun, not part of the Solar System project. 
See how vivid the colors are? 
We love them -- thank you Pentel!

She added a bit of watercolor pencil to the outside to give it a little pop of color. 

For the covers, we re-cycled some foam core board from another project
(pardon the weird dots and marks) and glued it to some beautiful 
handmade paper from my old printmaking in college days stash. 

Folded down the corners to make it nice. 
Glued the whole thing together with this handy little Elmer's glue 
pen from my friends at Elmer's glue (thank you Elmer's!)

We set the covers aside to dry for a day,
underneath a heavy book -- wrapped in waxed paper so they wouldn't stick. 

Then, after all of the watercolor papers were dry, 
we tore them down into rectangles (because I forgot to before we painted them), 
folded each page in half and glued the pages together - wrong sides together
(white sides out, painted sides inside). 
To hold the glue, we wrapped each page in waxed paper so they wouldn't get stuck
then clipped the whole bundle together with binder clips.

Very high-tech gluing method....

Then, we stuck the whole glued together book under 
a pile of papers and books on my messy desk to dry overnight! 

When the covers were dry, "E" glued some chip board 
(sparkly) scrapbook letters to the front cover with Aleene's Tacky glue. 

Her whole report was typed on the computer and printed onto card stock.
Then, she glued each little fact and co-ordinating planet illustration to the colorful pages. 

The book was stitched on the binding with embroidery floss
to reinforce it and glued together with a ribbon running across 
both covers so you can tie the book open into a star shape or closed. 

Hope her teacher likes it, I love it! 
Update: Her teacher loved it and plans to show it off
 at a school open house later this spring. Way to go "E"! 

Pink and Green Mama,

To learn more about Pentel and their products visit their blog
All opinions expressed are my own. 
My family received art supplies and products from Pentel and Elmer's glue. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

President's Day Portrait Lesson - Happy Birthday George Washington!

This weekend will be a three day weekend for our school system to celebrate "President's Day" 
For me, it just means a bonus day at home with my girls - Yay!

When I was teaching elementary art in the public school system, 
I used to teach this George Washington portrait lesson  on the heels of Valentine's day
with my kindergarten or first grade art students. 

We focused on adding shadows and highlights to skin tones
as well as drawing a proportional face with realistic facial features.
The fun part came when we added cotton ball wigs, doily shirts
and funny party hats to kick off the President's birthday celebration! 

For a complete tutorial on how I walked the kids through this lesson 
see my original post from last year,  HERE. 

Happy President's Day Holiday Weekend!

Pink and Green Mama

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

A REAL Valentine's Day Love Story

18 years ago today, 
I mailed a handwritten get well card to a boy 
who would change my life (for the better) forever. 
If you're a hopeless romantic like me and you like real-life love stories. 

pink and green mama blog

Grab some kleenex then go kiss someone you love.
Happy Valentine's Day.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pet Rock Valentines: Homemade Valentine Cards For School Friends

This year "E" made pet rock valentines to give to all of her school friends. 
We were inspired by this post at Little Loveables. 
"E"wanted to make them her own way so she used some of my stamps
to stamp green and pink card stock with a "Hello" bubble and a red heart. 

Then she glued her pet rocks to the Valentine and hand wrote a note to each friend. 
I picked up googly eyes and a bag of decorative rocks at Michaels Craft Store. 

Such a big girl using the glue gun! 

Loved her tray of pet rocks in progress!

She can't wait to bring them to school tomorrow! 
Happy Valentine's Day -- You Rock! 

Pink and Green Mama

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

* Newspaper and Watercolor Heart Valentine's Day Cards

Are you looking for an easy last minute valentine 
you can make with your kids using supplies you already have in the house? 
Look no farther...I bet you have newspapers and watercolors!
(or food coloring....or paint....or koolaid!) 

My sweet "C" made these beautiful watercolor and newspaper heart valentine cards
for her kindergarten classmates this year. 
She saw the BEAUTIFUL painted watercolor hearts over at 
You Are My Fave blog (here's her post) and fell in love immediately. 
This is our modified version, make your own with whatever you have handy!

We painted newspapers with liquid watercolors and do-a-dot markers. 
Then added a few spritzes of water with a water mister to help it bleed. 

After the watercolors dried overnight, we cut out heart shapes.
The doily stamp is something I picked up at Michaels with a coupon.
We stamped it on pink card stock with metallic silver ink. 
Then we just stapled each heart to the card. 
She spent a long time writing each of her friends names and signing her own on the cards, 
then we taped on a cherry blow pop 
because a little bit of sugar makes the day that much sweeter! 

Wishing you a very Happy Valentine's Day! 

Pink and Green Mama 

Spin Art HeART Valentine Garland!

The girls and I made this easy Valentine garland for our kitchen this weekend.
We used our spin art machine to make 4"x4" squares then cut them into heart shapes. 
If you don't have a spin art machine you can also use a salad spinner! 

For the squares we used watercolor paper then dropped liquid watercolors onto
the spinning paper with pipettes from Discount School Supply 
(you could also use an eye dropper)

Then, we cut out felt from our scrap basket and I machine stitched 
the watercolor paper hearts to the felt with my sewing machine. 

We finished it off by stitching each heart to some ribbon. 

Then we hung it up in the kitchen.

And yes...that's our homemade felt "happy birthday" banner  hanging up as well. 
C's birthday 1 week after Valentine's day so we always have some festive decorating overlap!

The rainbow spin hearts are so cute we're planning to add them to our birthday decor!

Happy Celebrating! 

pink and green mama

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