Sunday, January 20, 2013

* This Year's Stitched Heart Valentines: Recycle Artwork to Make Easy and Beautiful Cards!

Today we decided to make one of our favorite kinds of homemade Valentines --
stitched heart Valentines made with fun scraps from old art projects,
paint samples, maps, and watercolored coffee filters, and fun paper scraps! 
I first debuted this project on my blog here in 2010.
We love them so much, we decided to make them again.

This year's scrap heart pile was so pretty on my desk that I took a photo!
I'm thinking it would make a cute screensaver for my computer this month. 

Same technique as last time. 
We cut hearts out of scraps of fun paper then laid them out on some
plain white cards from the craft store (you could also just fold a piece of paper.)
If cutting out hearts isn't your thing, you could use a heart shaped craft punch!

I used hot pink thread this year (red last time) in the sewing machine.
Just sew a straight line through the paper to stitch the hearts in place on the card.
Trim the excess threads - be careful they can come un-stitched easily 
if you pull the thread too hard. You could put a little tiny dot of glue on the thread ends
on the inside of the card if you were worried about them unraveling. 

Close-up of my yellow and gray heart on a creamy, pale yellow card.

We even stitched up this heart that was from a cut up/re-cycled washi tape picture!

Got wild and crazy and made one card with not one,
but three(!) rows of stitched hearts. 
They remind me of balloons!

A cute little set of homemade valentine cards, ready to send! 
These sweet little cards also make great thank you notes,
mother's day cards, birthday cards,
 and anniversary cards for your sweet heart.

I made one for my husband a few years ago with a heart 
cut from a map of our honeymoon destination. 

Happy Homemade Valentine Making!

Pink and Green Mama, 

DIY Competition

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