Thursday, January 24, 2013

* Snow Day Play: Make Ice Animal Balls with Balloons and Water.

Temperatures have been in the teens and twenties all week
and we finally got our first snow last night. 
We needed some fun winter distraction to fight cabin fever
and decided to take advantage of the freezing outdoor temperatures. 

"E" brainstormed this idea yesterday afternoon and I went along with it.
She's my partner in crafty-fun-crime!

We raided the birthday party decoration box for some balloons in less-desirable colors. 
Then we carefully inserted some small plastic toys inside them.
I held the opening of the balloon apart while my daughter slipped in each toy.
Then, we used the sink to fill them (just like making water balloons.)

I would be lying if I told you we stayed dry --
two different times we didn't get the balloon hooked onto the faucet correctly
and ended up spraying the whole bathroom and ourselves!
(and the poor dog because she has to be wherever we are)

After mopping up the bathroom (twice!) 
we set our water balloons out on the deck to freeze overnight.

This morning, after breakfast, we peeled off the balloons on two of our 
ice balls and took them upstairs for some bathtub play. 
We're planning to unwrap the rest in the next day or two.

They're really lovely -- like handblown glass paperweights. 
I can think of all kinds of beautiful things to freeze in these balloons 
including real or fake flowers and leaves, 
small insects, buttons and marbles, etc.

The girls love them and they were a fun and easy snow day activity!

Stay warm my friends!

Pink and Green Mama

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