Sunday, December 2, 2012

Winter Craft: Snowflake Printmaking Project Using Found Objects

This project can be found in my Pink and Green Mama Crafts: Winter FUN Ebook
It was an art lesson I used to teach to my preschoolers and kindergarten students.
It's a bit messy but manageable, quick to do, and the results are beautiful!

For this project you will need:

* Square Paper (we use black and blue) cut into 12"x12" or 9"x9" squares 
(hint: scrapbook paper comes in these sizes!)

* White washable tempera or acrylic craft paint and a plate or dish

* Found Objects: Popsicle sticks, empty thread/ribbon spools, 
foam shapes/beads, bottle caps, toothpicks, buttons, etc. 

1. Start by dipping a popsicle stick in your white paint on the skinny edge. Make a print (line) by pressing the skinny, painted edge of the stick onto your paper to create 4 lines making a "plus" or "T" shape. Then, print four more lines to create an "X" shape. See photo below. 

2. Dip objects into paint and begin printing your snowflake by stamping each shape onto each line, one at a time. Work your way around the design, systematically printing shapes on each "spoke" of the snowflake. 

3. Repeat with different shapes and patterns until you have created a design that makes you happy. You will need to dip your shapes into the paint to "re-ink" several times. 

Hint: Keep a rag, washcloth, or baby wipe nearby to clean up messy hands and fingers!

Even big sister likes to make these! 
Fun for your whole family or classroom.

No two snowflakes will be alike - just like real ones!
Make as many as you wish, when they are dry hang up and display.

Happy Winter Printmaking!

For More Winter Fun Check out my Winter Fun Ebook here!

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