Monday, December 3, 2012

* Sensory Ball Christmas Ornaments Inspired By Sensory Boxes!

Our love of sensory boxes and terrariums inspired this project! 
While shopping at Michaels (our favorite craft store) recently,
I came across these wonderful acrylic ornaments!
They are just like the glass ornaments we've used in the past to make poured paint ornaments
but, these are even better because they are kid-friendly plastic. 
They're shatterproof - just right for kids and big clumsy dogs! 

For the first ornament we were inspired by our Winter Sensory Rice Box.
We used some sprigs of glittered plastic "greenery" 
from the $1 floral pick area at Michaels. We just trimmed off some 
sparkly greenery with scissors and popped them through the hole at the top of the ornament.
For the snowman, we used one of these little fuzzy plastic snowmen
(they come in a 6 pack at Michaels this time of year -- we love them for our winter sensory box)
I added a glob of Aleene's Tacky Glue to the bottom of the ornament and carefully
placed him inside the ball using my Hemostat tool (see photo below.)
Hemostat tool you say? Yes, it's one of my favorite crafting supplies.
I bought it years ago from a quilting catalog and use it when I'm sewing to pull 
and inside-out small drawstrings and bindings in tight spaces. 
They may have them at Harbor Freight in their random medical supply area!

For the snow we used a mixture of table salt and my favorite 
DecoArt "Glamour Dust" also from Michaels (see above photo.)
Great for adding shimmer to Christmas, Winter, and Fairy projects!
Note: Long skinny paint brushes are good for adding extra dabs of glue 
inside the ornament when needed.

Our ocean sensory ornament was inspired by our still beloved, Ocean Sensory Box.
We glued a seahorse to the ball and used a piece of that floral pick stuff
that looked like coral. Then, we added some tiny sea shells, fish gravel, and blue glitter. 

Finished Ocean Ornament hanging out with one of my clothespin mermaids!

If you want to make your own clothespin mermaid, check out my 

We also made a Woodland ornament inspired by our love of "fairy lands"
with a small "log" (twig), silk flowers, butterfly, 
and a few glittery acorns from the fall glitter and Mod Podge leaf project!

Miniature trees were glued to the bottom of this ornament then 
we added more sparkle dust and salt as snow. 

The possibilities are endless, it was really fun to brainstorm
with the girls and come up with sensory box inspired ornaments!
Happy Holiday Crafting!

Inspired to make a sensory box?

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