Saturday, December 1, 2012

* How To Encourage Compassion and Generosity With Children

I wrote to you in November about the importance of 
finding time for community service as a family and about 
building compassion through service with your children. 
I want to focus this month on how to encourage generosity 
and compassion with your children as a way of giving back at holiday time
and teaching our children to be thankful for what they have. 

To embrace the spirit of the holidays 
you can work as a family to give back to others
with family-friendly activities such as: 

Shopping as a family for  recipients of a local "giving tree" or "angel tree"

Collecting and donating canned food for a local food pantry
or food drive at your local grocery store.
Throw a holiday housewarming party and collect canned goods
from your guests for the hungry
or pet food for the animal shelter (or an animal rescue group)

Let your children pick out and shop for toys to donate
to "Toys For Tots" and other similar toy drives.
You can visit their website and find your state for a drop-off location.
My daughter's school collects toys this way every year.

Adopt a family - find a needy family through a local shelter,
church, or non-profit group like "The Box Project"
and collect items they need (clothing, toys, books, food, toiletries)
My family enjoyed supporting and getting to know a single mother and her son
for many years through this wonderful group.

Forgo presents and make a family donation to charity. 
Our family really likes to donate animals to Heifer International,
a non profit group that gives animals and training to children and families 
around the world to help them become self reliant. 

Drop some coins in every Salvation Army bucket you pass. 

A free way to give to others is to just go caroling in your neighborhood!

Pink and Green Mama

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