Tuesday, December 4, 2012

* Festive Kid-Friendly Mod Podge Christmas Ornaments!

My girls and I are huge fans of Mod Podge, it is our favorite decoupage medium, 
it makes a regular appearance on our crafting table!
As you can imagine, I was super excited when my very generous friends at Plaid
sent me a goodie box packed with all kinds of Mod Podge products!
We were challenged to come up with a festive holiday craft 
and the girls wanted to make ornaments.

We started our project with a trip to Michaels (our favorite craft store!) 
to pick up some of these plastic ornaments. They look like glass, right?! 
They're shatterproof plastic ornaments - perfect for little fingers and clumsy dogs. 

Then, we set up our art table with a stack of origami paper (also purchased at Michaels)
scissors, a small paint brush, and some Gloss Lustre Mod Podge 
(we used the glossy Mod Podge to compliment our shiny work surface)

We each made a scene with cut paper. 
"E" my 9 year old made this turquoise blue under water scene because she loves 
the ocean and thought her ornament looked like a fish bowl. 

"C" my 5 year old wanted to make a Christmas tree so her ornament 
would look like a snow globe. You can see her carefully cutting out "ornaments" below.
I tried to make a winter scene with snowy trees but liked the girl's projects much better than mine!
Note: If the cut paper part of this project seems too tricky for your kids, you can 
make this same project with original drawings and artwork by your children! 

After they cut out the shapes and made their pictures, 
and the Mod Podge to stick them together, 
then we coated one side of each ornament
with a layer of Mod Podge and attached our scenes. 

We put the scenes facing the inside of the ornament so that you can look through
from the front and it looks like a snow globe.
Note: Everything is on the OUTside of the ornament -- nothing on the inside,
that's what makes this project so kid-friendly! 
Just glue your artwork to the backside of the ornament facing in.

Each scene was "sealed" to the ornament with
 an additional layer of Mod Podge.

While the Mod Podge was still wet, we covered the backsides of our ornaments
with a generous layer of glitter and allowed them to dry completely 
before shaking off the excess glitter. 
We used the Mod Podge Sparkle formula to give it some extra bling!

Then, I carefully glued a piece of ribbon to the edge of each ornament
with my glue gun (a job for a parent, not kids) to finish the transition between 
the glitter and the rest of the ornament. 

It adds a nice polished touch to the project. 

Here are our finished ornaments hanging on our Art Studio Christmas tree!
I love the colors in "E"s underwater ocean ornament. 

Here is "C"s Christmas tree and my winter trees are shown below. 

The possibilities with homemade Mod Podge ornaments are endless,
you can use craft papers, tissue paper, or even (one of our favorites) holiday paper napkins!
Wishing you and your family a happy holiday season filled with lots 
of fun crafts and homemade fun! 

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Pink and Green Mama,
I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with Plaid Crafts and Blueprint Social,
all opinions expressed are my own and all art work shown 
was created by my girls and myself with lots of fun and giggles! 

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