Saturday, November 3, 2012

* What Should I Do With Leftover Halloween Candy?

This year was a bumper crop year 
for halloween candy in our neighborhood.
The neighbors were all extremely generous with fist-fulls of candy
for the kids this year. I'm guessing they were all sick of it 
after eating candy all weekend during the hurricane!

So what do you do with too much candy?
Well, in our house we're planning to distribute it in a few different ways...

1. I'm letting the girls pick a piece out each morning to eat after 
breakfast and a piece to pack in their school lunch as a dessert.
After a week or so, the candy bowl will magically disappear.

2. Our dentist offers to "buy back" candy 
from kids then she ships it 
oversees to soldiers serving in the armed services. 
The girls have an appointment next week so we'll be bringing 
a bag of cavity-inducing goodness with us.

3. We pull out a bunch of colorful candy that looks great on 
gingerbread houses 
and save it in a shoe box for our holiday crafting at the beginning of December.
We save things like Starburst, Now And Laters, Gum Drops,
Gummy Fish, M&Ms, Lemon Heads, Lollipops, etc.

4. I ask the girls to each pick out 25 pieces of candy 
(x2 kids = that's 50 pieces gone  in our house)
to squirrel away into their advent calendar for December.

That's what works for our house. 
It's much better than a giant bowl sitting around tempting me for weeks on end. 
Do you have any favorite halloween candy tricks?

Pink and Green Mama

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