Friday, November 9, 2012

* Finding Time for Community Service As A Family

Yesterday, I wrote about the importance of 
building compassion through service with your children. 
Today, I'm continuing that theme for the month of November.
A month that I feel lends itself particularly well to reflecting on 
what to be thankful for, 
teaching our children about gratitude, 
and giving back to others.

(Our family on a recent nature/pick up trash walk)

Community service, performed as a family unit
is a great way to and show our children with our actions 
and not just our words how to give back to others. 
Volunteering alongside your children forms family bonds,
creates memories, teaches compassion for others, and gives you 
an opportunity to think and talk about social issues as a family. 

With our busy schedules it is easy to lose focus
on what is important and what values we want to teach our children.
Remember that actions speak louder than words,
so even if you talk the talk, 
you need to walk the walk (so to speak) for your children 
to really get the message!

Figure out what your passions are and use that as a 
jumping off point for what kind of activity to get involved in.
If your family loves animals, consider volunteering at 
your local animal shelter or with a rescue group.
Encourage little artists to create crafts or cards for a nursing home 
or mail them to service men and women serving oversees. 
If the environment is important to your family, consider recycling,
composting, or going on a trash walk to 
pick up litter around your neighborhood or favorite park. 

Take time to put it on your calendar and make it a priority
just like a teacher conference, a doctor's appointment, or date night
(those are all important too!) 
Please don't feel overwhelmed with guilt,
there is enough of that in the parenting world
and this is not supposed to be one more thing to feel badly about.
You don't have to save the world!
 Little things and little actions (small donations) can make a big difference too. 

Pink and Green Mama

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