Saturday, November 10, 2012

* Favorite Thanksgiving Projects Round-Up (and a Bloggy Break from Social Media)

I'm taking a little bloggy and social media break for the rest of November 
as a birthday gift to myself to spend time more with my family
and to reflect upon all of the things I am grateful for this month.
Our family is adopting a second rescue greyhound and we can't wait
to spend some quality time with her and get a head start on some homemade 
Christmas gift making and decorating!
I wanted to leave you with a round-up of some of my favorite 
(old) Thanksgiving posts and projects 
and I'll be back soon with some fun goodies for Christmas and December!

Play-dough Turkeys at the Kid's Table on Thanksgiving

and Turkeys in Disguise Part 2

Oil Pastel on Construction Paper Cornucopia Collage- don't have a post on this one, 
it's just an art lesson I used to teach my students in November.
Draw fruits and veggies from observation or photos with oil pastel
or poster crayons on construction paper and cut out then glue down into a collage.

(another oldie but goodie art lesson I used to teach!)

Look how little "C" was!


The Handprint/Signature Table Cloth!

Gobble Gobble.
Wishing you a wonderful month of November
filled with family, laughter, friendship,
good food,  and good memories.
See you again in December!

Pink and Green Mama

P.S. If you want some 
homemade advent calendar inspiration
here are my old posts about ours! 

Homemade Advent Christmas Tree Quilt (wall hanging)
and our super easy envelope system = homemade
Family Activity Advent Calendar

I'm working on a crafty idea for an additional advent candy
wreath for each girl this year but haven't finished them yet...
if I get them done this month I'll add them here!

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