Thursday, November 29, 2012

* EASY Homemade Pajama Pants for Kids!

I found the easiest tutorial for making homemade flannel
Pajama pants for my girls last month
These have been such a huge hit that I'm planning to make 
some more PJ pants for them with flannel and fleece
for lounging around our chilly house this winter. 

Don't be intimidated at all by the sewing instructions, 
I'm not a good seamstress at all 
and if I can make these, so can you! 
She calls them her Christmas Eve pants and they are so fast 
to make, you really can make them on Christmas Eve if you're a 
super crafter procrastinator like me. 
I'm planning to pick up some cute Christmassy fleece.
Best part is that you use your own kids' pants as the pattern - genius!

Her directions have step by step photos 
so I didn't bother taking photos of my project in progress. 
and see for yourself how easy they are to make!
Tell her Pink and Green Mama says hi and thank you!

Pink and Green Mama

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