Sunday, November 25, 2012

* Christmas Craft: Easy DIY Candy Advent Wreath With Recycled Materials

The girls and I decided to make our own Advent Wreaths
this year with recycled materials and leftover halloween candy
to hang on their bedroom doors.

First we collected empty toilet paper tubes and cut them in half with scissors.
We needed 25 total (half) rolls for this project.
We painted the tubes with white Gesso paint (you could also just use white craft paint)
to seal the cardboard, make it stronger, and provide a nice plain surface for the tissue paper. 

To make the cardboard wreath form, I traced a big circle on a piece of 
cardboard box from our garage and traced a smaller circle in the middle
then, cut the whole thing out carefully with my box cutter (note: this is a grown-up's job.) 
We painted the cardboard "wreath" with a coat of white gesso
 and lime green acrylic craft paint.

Once the white paint was dry on the tubes, "C" and I got to work painting 
them with Mod Podge and layering on colored tissue paper squares
then sealing them with another coat of Mod Podge (we used the glossy kind)

We also added a layer of green and yellow tissue paper squares 
to the wreath form with Mod Podge.

After everything was dry, I glued all of the tubes to the wreath
with my glue gun.

Here's what we do with part of our Halloween candy stash --

All of the toilet paper tubes filled with candy surprises!

Glue the open ends shut with mini cupcake wrappers.
I got mine at Walmart in the Christmas decoration area (they cost $1)

We had so much fun mod-podging the tissue paper squares
that we went ahead and decorated the back of our wreath too!

I love the stained glass effect. 

Then, I decided we needed to number the holes so I used some 
scrapbook number stickers, but ran out half way through
so I wrote the rest with black sharpie (easier)

Finished candy advent wreath hanging on my daughter's bedroom door.
I think she'll have visions of sugar plums dancing in her head
for the whole month of December!

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