Thursday, November 8, 2012

* Building Compassion With Children Through Community Service

What do we want most for our children?
Beyond good health and safety, we want them to grow up to be good people.
Community service is not something we should only save for High School aged children.
You are your child's first teacher.
What better way to teach your child how to be compassionate,
kind, loving, and thankful this time of year than by demonstrating how to give back to 
others and to include your children in the process.

I recently watched a mini video on the Mom's Homeroom website about 

There are many kid-friendly ways to give back this time of year:
You can help with a canned food drive.
Collect clothing or toys for people in need for the holidays.
Shop for a person or family on an "Angel" tree at the Mall or your church.
Donate food, blankets, bath mats to an Animal Shelter.
Let your child drop coins in a donation bucket.
Make cards or letters for Service Men and Women.
Visit with Seniors in an assisted living facility. 
Consider paying a visit to a lonely elderly neighbor in your own neighborhood.

Every November, our elementary school hosts a canned food drive
to collect canned goods for needy families in our area.
I love watching the students pull together as a community to 
collect canned goods for others in our own area. 
Donation boxes fill the front lobby of our school building.
The children develop math skills by counting and graphing the goods collected.
Older students enhance their language arts development by making posters
and flyers for the canned goods drive.
All of the students learn compassion and a sense of giving back to others 
by learning about the social issues around hunger in our area and
it gives them pause to realize that there are children just like them,
in our area who are going to bed hungry at night.

Making the world a better place
by giving back to others and serving others 
is a lesson that can be practiced with your children
year round, not just at Thanksgiving or Christmas. 

Pink and Green Mama

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