Thursday, November 29, 2012

* EASY Homemade Pajama Pants for Kids!

I found the easiest tutorial for making homemade flannel
Pajama pants for my girls last month
These have been such a huge hit that I'm planning to make 
some more PJ pants for them with flannel and fleece
for lounging around our chilly house this winter. 

Don't be intimidated at all by the sewing instructions, 
I'm not a good seamstress at all 
and if I can make these, so can you! 
She calls them her Christmas Eve pants and they are so fast 
to make, you really can make them on Christmas Eve if you're a 
super crafter procrastinator like me. 
I'm planning to pick up some cute Christmassy fleece.
Best part is that you use your own kids' pants as the pattern - genius!

Her directions have step by step photos 
so I didn't bother taking photos of my project in progress. 
and see for yourself how easy they are to make!
Tell her Pink and Green Mama says hi and thank you!

Pink and Green Mama

Sunday, November 25, 2012

DIY Advent Wreath Style #2 with Scrapbook Paper and Leftover Halloween Candy!

Here is the second DIY Advent Wreath we made
yesterday for my oldest daughter's door.

We started with a cardboard circle cut out of an old box.
and painted it green in case any of it showed through our "tubes" 
Don't think we needed to do this because after everything was crammed on there
you couldn't see any of the cardboard!

We were going to use TP tubes but this turned out to be even easier.
We just cut squares of 6" x 5" scrapbook paper from a Michael's holiday pack
("Winter Whimsy by Recollections") and stapled them into tubes.

Then, we got out the glue gun and started gluing them to the wreath form.

Next it was time to sit down with some popcorn, grape juice, and Christmas music
while we made little bundles of candy. 

We wrapped them all in tissue paper and tied the ends with yarn.
Then, slipped each little packet into a tube and secured it with a loop of tape
so it wouldn't fall out!

Her finished wreath hanging on her bedroom door -- 
ready to countdown to Christmas morning!

Click here to see our other advent wreath!
Happy Holidays!

Pink and Green Mama

* Christmas Craft: Easy DIY Candy Advent Wreath With Recycled Materials

The girls and I decided to make our own Advent Wreaths
this year with recycled materials and leftover halloween candy
to hang on their bedroom doors.

First we collected empty toilet paper tubes and cut them in half with scissors.
We needed 25 total (half) rolls for this project.
We painted the tubes with white Gesso paint (you could also just use white craft paint)
to seal the cardboard, make it stronger, and provide a nice plain surface for the tissue paper. 

To make the cardboard wreath form, I traced a big circle on a piece of 
cardboard box from our garage and traced a smaller circle in the middle
then, cut the whole thing out carefully with my box cutter (note: this is a grown-up's job.) 
We painted the cardboard "wreath" with a coat of white gesso
 and lime green acrylic craft paint.

Once the white paint was dry on the tubes, "C" and I got to work painting 
them with Mod Podge and layering on colored tissue paper squares
then sealing them with another coat of Mod Podge (we used the glossy kind)

We also added a layer of green and yellow tissue paper squares 
to the wreath form with Mod Podge.

After everything was dry, I glued all of the tubes to the wreath
with my glue gun.

Here's what we do with part of our Halloween candy stash --

All of the toilet paper tubes filled with candy surprises!

Glue the open ends shut with mini cupcake wrappers.
I got mine at Walmart in the Christmas decoration area (they cost $1)

We had so much fun mod-podging the tissue paper squares
that we went ahead and decorated the back of our wreath too!

I love the stained glass effect. 

Then, I decided we needed to number the holes so I used some 
scrapbook number stickers, but ran out half way through
so I wrote the rest with black sharpie (easier)

Finished candy advent wreath hanging on my daughter's bedroom door.
I think she'll have visions of sugar plums dancing in her head
for the whole month of December!

Pink and Green Mama

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Monday, November 19, 2012

* EASY Festive Napkin Ring Craft! A Kid Friendly Holiday Craft.

This was so easy and fun to make, I wanted to share this 
little craft I made with "C" (age 5).
These would be great napkin rings for your children to make
for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah or any family meal!

Paint toilet paper tubes with white paint or gesso.
When the paint is dry, paint the tubes with Mod Podge.

Press on colored tissue paper squares.
Seal with a second coat of Mod Podge and allow to dry! 

Easy and beautiful decorations for your table. 
Happy Holidays!

Pink and Green Mama

Saturday, November 10, 2012

* Favorite Thanksgiving Projects Round-Up (and a Bloggy Break from Social Media)

I'm taking a little bloggy and social media break for the rest of November 
as a birthday gift to myself to spend time more with my family
and to reflect upon all of the things I am grateful for this month.
Our family is adopting a second rescue greyhound and we can't wait
to spend some quality time with her and get a head start on some homemade 
Christmas gift making and decorating!
I wanted to leave you with a round-up of some of my favorite 
(old) Thanksgiving posts and projects 
and I'll be back soon with some fun goodies for Christmas and December!

Play-dough Turkeys at the Kid's Table on Thanksgiving

and Turkeys in Disguise Part 2

Oil Pastel on Construction Paper Cornucopia Collage- don't have a post on this one, 
it's just an art lesson I used to teach my students in November.
Draw fruits and veggies from observation or photos with oil pastel
or poster crayons on construction paper and cut out then glue down into a collage.

(another oldie but goodie art lesson I used to teach!)

Look how little "C" was!


The Handprint/Signature Table Cloth!

Gobble Gobble.
Wishing you a wonderful month of November
filled with family, laughter, friendship,
good food,  and good memories.
See you again in December!

Pink and Green Mama

P.S. If you want some 
homemade advent calendar inspiration
here are my old posts about ours! 

Homemade Advent Christmas Tree Quilt (wall hanging)
and our super easy envelope system = homemade
Family Activity Advent Calendar

I'm working on a crafty idea for an additional advent candy
wreath for each girl this year but haven't finished them yet...
if I get them done this month I'll add them here!

Friday, November 9, 2012

* Finding Time for Community Service As A Family

Yesterday, I wrote about the importance of 
building compassion through service with your children. 
Today, I'm continuing that theme for the month of November.
A month that I feel lends itself particularly well to reflecting on 
what to be thankful for, 
teaching our children about gratitude, 
and giving back to others.

(Our family on a recent nature/pick up trash walk)

Community service, performed as a family unit
is a great way to and show our children with our actions 
and not just our words how to give back to others. 
Volunteering alongside your children forms family bonds,
creates memories, teaches compassion for others, and gives you 
an opportunity to think and talk about social issues as a family. 

With our busy schedules it is easy to lose focus
on what is important and what values we want to teach our children.
Remember that actions speak louder than words,
so even if you talk the talk, 
you need to walk the walk (so to speak) for your children 
to really get the message!

Figure out what your passions are and use that as a 
jumping off point for what kind of activity to get involved in.
If your family loves animals, consider volunteering at 
your local animal shelter or with a rescue group.
Encourage little artists to create crafts or cards for a nursing home 
or mail them to service men and women serving oversees. 
If the environment is important to your family, consider recycling,
composting, or going on a trash walk to 
pick up litter around your neighborhood or favorite park. 

Take time to put it on your calendar and make it a priority
just like a teacher conference, a doctor's appointment, or date night
(those are all important too!) 
Please don't feel overwhelmed with guilt,
there is enough of that in the parenting world
and this is not supposed to be one more thing to feel badly about.
You don't have to save the world!
 Little things and little actions (small donations) can make a big difference too. 

Pink and Green Mama

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