Tuesday, October 23, 2012

* Make Fall Leaves With Elmer's Glue and Chalk

Today's project is a classic "art teacher" project.
If you draw a picture with glue on construction paper
and let it dry, you can color over it with chalk or chalk pastels and
it will create a stained glass effect.

The girls and I decided to give it a fall twist
and make leaf pictures.

It's very pretty on dark paper
(think: black, navy blue, or purple) but you can do it on any color.

We split this project up into two different days
to allow the glue time to dry
and because that was just the way our schedule worked out.

You can use whatever kind of glue you have at home...
We made examples with Elmer's School "Gel" glue,
White School Glue, AND a Glue Gun. 

The glue gun is nice if you're in a hurry because it's dry
immediately so you can color right away but it's hard to keep small
hands and fingers from getting burned while drawing with a glue gun.
You could ask kids to sketch their picture/design lightly in pencil or chalk
and let an adult trace over it with a glue gun. 

For "C" (age 5) it was easiest for her to sketch her leaf on the paper first
with a crayon or pencil 
(she actually used a white china marker because that's what was on my art table!)

Then, she traced over her drawing with glue. 

It's hard work using all those little hand and finger muscles 
to squeeze the big bottle of glue!

After the glue drawings were dry (a day later)
the girls got to work coloring in their leaves with chalk pastels.
** Note: This picture was taken as they worked after breakfast 
on the weekend - pardon the PJs! **

You can wipe off any excess chalk from the glue lines with a bit of tissue
or a baby wipe. 

"E"s beautiful Rainbow Oak Leaf!

"C"s beautiful Rainbow Leaf!

Happy Fall (rainbow) Leaf Crafting!

Pink and Green Mama

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