Wednesday, October 3, 2012

* Kid Friendly Halloween Craft: Noodle Witch Suncatcher

Today I'm sharing an oldie but goodie craft from our house
that can be found in my Halloween Fun e-book
To get your own copy, just click here!

You can make any kind of noodle picture this way, 
it doesn't have to be a witch. Your only limit is your own imagination.
Start by prepping the materials. 
For this craft we dyed some pasta with food coloring and rubbing alcohol. 
(I think every preschool teacher in America has done this at some point in their career!)
To make the pasta I mix up some uncooked pasta with a splash of rubbing alcohol
(or you can substitute with a few pumps of hand sanitizer) 
and a few drops of liquid food coloring (you can also use gel food coloring.)

Massage the noodles and the dye and alcohol in the bag to 
distribute the color evenly. Then open the bag to let it air out a bit
then put on a paper towel or in a bowl to finish drying. 

Once the noodles are dry, you'll be ready to get crafty!
You can lightly sketch your design on a piece of waxed paper or just work free-style. 

You will need: 
  • Colored Pasta (dry pasta + rubbing alcohol + food coloring)
  • White school glue (we use Elmer's School Glue)
  • Waxed Paper

Optional Supplies: 
  • Felt (we used for the hat)
  • Googly Eyes

For the witch, my daughter glued down two blue noodles as the eyes
and then glued a smile to the waxed paper made out of red noodles with Elmer's School Glue. 

Then, she started to glue down all of the green noodles
to make the witch's skin. Use LOTS of Elmer's glue
to make sure everything is glued down and stuck together. 

See the green witch appearing?

After she was done making the face, she stacked up some extra
noodles and glued them together to make a 3-D nose. 
Then, she glued on a piece of black felt as a witch hat.

She didn't like the blue eyes and asked if we could add 
googly eyes instead, I thought that was a fantastic idea!

Here's our witch with her googly eyes.
After we let her dry overnight, 
we peeled off most of the waxed paper and set her up in a windowsill
as a type of halloween sun catcher. 

Happy Haunted Crafting!

Pink and Green Mama

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