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* DIY Halloween Shirts Tutorial With Aleene's Glue!

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I was recently invited by my friends at Aleene's Tacky Glue
to create a fun and easy craft to share with all of you.
I want you to see how easy it is to use Aleene's glues and adhesives
and incorporate them into craft and DIY projects! 
I use their "Tacky Glue" in the gold bottle ALL the time,
it's my favorite craft glue - I buy the tiny (6 fluid oz.) bottles at JoAnne's because they 
are the perfect size for my girls to hold and control for their own projects!

Check out all of the wonderful Aleene's glues and adhesives they sent me to play with!
"E" and "C" wanted halloween t-shirts but we didn't like
anything we saw at the store so we decided to make our own. 

Here's a little tutorial for you to inspire you to create
your own spooky halloween t-shirts!

Step 1
Decide what kind of t-shirt you want to make.

"E" (age 9) wanted to make a green alien/monster, but not a scary or creepy one,
she wanted him to be goofy and cute so she sketched out a design
on a piece of paper and we worked from that.

"C" (age 5) wanted something girly and cute, when I suggested a lace
ghost she said yes as long as it had a pink ribbon and some bling!

I purchased two simple black t-shirts at our local Walmart. 

Step 2
Cut out your accent fabric and hold it in place on the t-shirt
with some Tacky Spray glue. 

We cut out the alien/monster shape from some green fabric
in my fat quarters stash and made eye balls and teeth
from black and white felt and velour scrap fabric. 

To hold the fabric in place while I stitched it on the sewing machine,
I used a tiny bit of Aleene's "Tacky Spray" to hold the fabric.
I didn't use a lot and stayed in the middle of the face
because I didn't want to gunk up the sewing machine.

I love this stuff, it's reposition-able and when I was an art teacher the kids used to 
think I had magic powers because I would secretly spray a piece of paper with this before class
then make the shapes magically stick to the paper -- then I could peel it off
and stick it somewhere else on the page and the whole class would gasp --good times! 

Step 3
Sew the fabric design to your t-shirt.

We used a variety of stitches to create the mouth, stitch the edges of the monster
and the eye balls and teeth to the shirt. 
If you can't sew, I bet you could use Aleene's Fabric Glue! 

Step 4
Embellish your shirt! 

We added jewels from the beading and jewelry department.
The girls dotted on some "Aleene's Jewel It" glue to tack on little 
rhinestone jewels - green for monster warts and clear for the 
highlights on the eyes! 

(Here's a close-up!) 
See how the glue dries clear...it's washable too so your jewels
and bling don't come off in the wash! 
"E" changed her mind on the purple fabric flower and switched to 
the orange polka-dot bow accent. 

For "C"s ghost shirt we used the same technique.
The "Tacky Spray" was a lifesaver to hold the lace
down to the t-shirt while I zig-zag stitched the edge with the sewing machine!

We used felt and velour scraps for the eyes
and a pink ribbon to make her a girly ghost -- in case the flowery 
lace wasn't girly enough! 

The final touch, was some bling jewels added to the eyes
to give the shirt some sparkle with the "Jewel It" washable glue!

The girls LOVE their new halloween t-shirts
and can't wait to wear them at school all month!
Happy Fall Crafting! 
Pink and Green Mama
FYI: The project seen here was designed by me and my kids.
We received a box of Aleene's Tacky Glue products to play with
 All opinions expressed are my own.

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